Let’s make jam!

How about preparing healthy and delicious jams for your breakfast table? Believe me, it’s not that hard!

Strawberry jam

2 kg caster sugar
1 kg of ripe strawberries
Juice of 2 lemons

Preparation of
a. Remove the stems from the strawberries, then wash them thoroughly with plenty of water.
2. Arrange the ingredients in a steel pan so that there is a layer of strawberries and a layer of sugar.
3. Leave overnight for the sugar to absorb the juice from the strawberries.
4. The next day, put the pan on the fire, when the jam boils and becomes thick, add lemon juice and boil for a while, stirring. Do not forget to take the foams formed at this time using a spoon. Then pour the jam into glass jars and when they cool, close the lids of the jars and store in a cool place.