Look at the first letter of your name, discover yourself!

Did you know that our name affects our personality from birth? See what effects letters with different sounds and timbres have on us!

You have a great sense of perception. You approach things logically. You have a restless and energetic disposition. You don’t waste time doing what you need to do. This ensures that his life continues completely and flawlessly.

You are emotional, romantic and intuitive. There is a crazy you under the calm image 🙂 You do not hesitate to surprise your girlfriend and tell her that you love her. You expect the same gestures from him. When you can’t find an answer, you are broken and locked away.

You are sociable and flirty! You are also emotional and sensitive. You are aware of your artistic predisposition. You are particularly fluent in speaking and writing. You are a little selfish in your relationships; You always want to be what you say.

You have an ambitious and resilient nature. There’s nothing you can’t do if you want to. The trait most loved by those around you is your benevolence. Although you can sometimes be jealous and selfish, you are always faithful to those you love.

It is a great talent to be able to experience sadness and joy together! But you do it very well. When you are sad, you spread anger around you and unknowingly break your heart. But suddenly you calm down and forget everything. You are not vindictive and ambitious.

You are a calm, reliable and creative girl. Thanks to these characteristics, you attract attention and become the star of the environment you enter. You are too well intentioned in love. There’s nothing you can’t afford for the person you love. This sometimes leads to abuse.

No matter the subject, you are never afraid to be stubborn with others. You are always ready to argue and fight. You also have a detailed layout. You manage to attach a handle to everything. Not loving anything makes life difficult.

You look calm and tranquil. It cannot be said that you like changes and an active life, but you like your lover to be more active and excited than you are. You know how to learn from your mistakes and you don’t repeat them.

You are sensitive, emotional and fragile by nature. However, you can control your emotions. You are ready to make any sacrifice for your loved ones. Confidence is a feeling that takes time for you. If you feel cheated, you burst into tears.

You are cheerful but also capricious. You attach great importance to questions of clothing, you trust your taste buds. You know how to enjoy life. In love, your perfectionist side takes over. You don’t love him easily, you fall in love hard.

Success at work and school is always with you! Thanks to your intelligence, you take great strides towards your future by overcoming difficulties. You usually act with the voice of reason, not with your heart. You’re sensitive to your surroundings, but for some reason you act like you’re not.

You are an intellectual girl. You attach importance to artistic activities. The most important criterion when choosing friends is being on the same frequency and being able to talk about any topic. When it comes to love, for you, loving is much more important than being loved!

Make it strong and you’ll turn heads with your great intelligence 🙂 It seems there’s no problem you can’t handle. In love, you are very emotional. Your demonstrations of love for the other person can even become overwhelming at times.

Although you may seem like a shy and quiet girl, everyone knows you are not! Thanks to your sixth sense, you immediately feel what is happening around you; You take your precautions and prepare for negativity. You don’t let anyone crush you.