broken hearts day

You don’t have a boyfriend? So how about celebrating your loneliness by bringing your girlfriends together on Valentine’s Day? If you listen to our suggestions and know what you should and shouldn’t do, you will have a great February 14!

Alas, February 14, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you don’t have a lover to carry on your arm πŸ™ Your couple of friends have already made their plans, received their gifts… The love rush around you Your face is sullen, you’re bored, your heart is broken… Stop it, don’t be sad just yet, we have some great suggestions for you πŸ™‚


throw a girls party
The fastest way to have fun is to throw a house party. Gather all the girls to your house. Dress up in your best clothes, decorate the house with balloons, bake your best sweets and pastries. You won’t even think of the emptiness in your heart when you turn on the moving music, boil the gossip cauldron!

Make a present
How about organizing a gift among your lonely girlfriends? This idea may seem funny to you at first, but admit it, it will be a lot of fun! You can meet on February 14 to exchange gifts and make each other smile. You can also gift your witty friends with heart-shaped keychains, books such as “Guide to Finding the Right Man”, “What Zodiac Sign and How to Impress a Man” πŸ™‚

eat chocolate
Does anyone know that chocolate activates the happiness hormone? Make sure you have chocolate snacks and wafers in your bag on Valentine’s Day. When you have an emotional moment in the day or feel unhappy, eat it right away πŸ™‚

Play the game “The bad sides of being a couple”
You may be hearing about this game for the first time πŸ™‚ But believe me, it’s a lot of fun! All you have to do is have a pen and paper in front of you and write down your problems when you had a boyfriend. Write down how much you cried, your pointless arguments, and all the bad things that came to mind. When the list is complete, you’re sure to think, “Sometimes it’s better not to have a relationship than to have one!” No man, no crying πŸ™‚

Do not do that

Mixing old albums
The saddest part of Valentine’s Day is remembering your ex-boyfriend and the memories you had with him. At such times, don’t open old albums and look at your happy photos taken together! Because it only serves to annoy you. Put all the albums in a locked cabinet and give the key to someone you won’t see on Valentine’s Day!

Watch romantic movies
If you plan to watch a movie, definitely choose an action or animation genre. You may like romantic comedies, but these films are banned today!

There is a curfew on February 14, no one told you πŸ™‚ Now you will see girls and boys around who bought roses for their girlfriends and carry gifts. You might even be jealous. What is the need? There is a lot of work to do at home. You’re better off, don’t even look out the window today. Erase the meaning and significance of the day from your memory πŸ™‚

Don’t send messages you’ll regret
Today, you may suddenly feel the urge to see your ex or find yourself texting him! The best way to avoid this is to cuff your hands πŸ™‚ But you can also try turning off your cell phone. So you won’t see your ex feeling lonely and texting you, and you won’t write a bad reply like “I missed you too”!