Push the limits of your brain!

If you want to increase your academic success, organize your life, and find creative solutions to problems, you need to have an open mind! You too, apply these 20 suggestions; Train your brain to the max!

1. Get rid of routines
Do you always use the same road and sidewalk to get to school? So, make a change and change course every day. You can also apply it when you go to other places. Discovering new avenues will make you forget about the autopilot system!

2. Use your other hand
Do you write with your right hand, your bag on your left arm? What if we did the opposite? You can try writing a little with your left hand, brushing your teeth and combing your hair with the other hand. This way you will work different parts of your brain.

3. Close your eyes

Enter your room and try to find the object by closing your eyes. This way you will develop your sense of touch.

4. Give importance to visuality
The aesthetic perception of our brain develops as much as the aesthetic things we see. So try to look at beautiful photos or beautiful objects every day.

5. Do things in a different order
You come home, watch TV, have dinner, meet your friends, do your homework, and go to bed… You do it all in the same order every day. That’s why you don’t even think about what to do when you get home! So make this situation a little different and break the order of things. This will give your mind a chance to think about the next moment.

6. Smell good smells
The aromatic scents or incense that you bring to your room will be able to create new thought associations with their pleasant smells.

7. Discover the power of music
Lie down in a quiet place and relax while listening to music. Especially listening to classical music strengthens both sides of the brain.

8. Solve the puzzle

If the puzzle is about words, you’ll work the left side of the brain, if it’s about visuals, you’ll work the right side.

9. Memorize

Memorizing new words and learning new languages ​​are also activities that will train your brain. You can memorize an English word every day or try to memorize phone numbers on your cell phone.

10. Play games
Mind games such as chess and checkers are beneficial exercises for your mind. Apart from these, games such as Taboo and Monopoly will allow you to both have fun and push the limits of your brain.