Take a nice brush

lowerIf you want your teeth to be white, not to rot, and not to give you a headache, you need to pay attention to your dental health. What should you do?

brush like this
If you don’t care to brush your teeth, brush your teeth 5 times a day if you want, your teeth can still rot. Here are the things to watch out for…

* First, bring the brush head closer to your teeth at a 45 degree angle and brush with back and forth motions across the width of your teeth.
* Remember that bacterial plaque and food residue are concentrated on the back of the teeth and the back teeth. Since only the front surfaces of the front teeth are carefully brushed, caries mainly occurs in the back areas.
* Avoid brushing with such strong force that it wears down your teeth, move the brush with gentle movements.
* You should also brush your gums. Because it’s the best and most effective way to prevent gum disease!
* Before finishing brushing, sweep along your tongue.