Shine like a star!

Would you like to sound assertive like Tülin Şahin? So listen to his tactics!

Tulin Sahin
Compiled by: İpek Koşan
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play sports
It’s not possible to achieve the physique of the models you see in magazines and TV by sitting around all day. This is why you must act! If you play sports, summer or winter, rain or mud, you risk making Miranda Kerr jealous 🙂 You can swim, do yoga, run, ride a bike, dance. All you have to do is find out which sport is fun for you and take a step towards it!

To wake up early
A model wakes up earlier than anyone in the morning. The best time for this is between 05:00 a.m. and 06:00 a.m. After waking up, she takes a bath, applies her creams, takes care of her hair and starts having breakfast. That way, he doesn’t have time problems and he doesn’t get stressed 🙂 Of course, you have to go to bed early to start the day in good shape. You better start cleaning up your sleep now that your graduation party is coming up.

shiny hair
One of the most important factors that show beauty is hair that shines with health… Go to the hairdresser right away and ask for a different cut just according to your face shape. But let it be a model that will only require you to spend 5-10 minutes leaving the house. Thus, you will have created your own “top model” hairstyle 🙂 Do not neglect the care of your hair. Apply a hair mask twice a week. Use conditioner after each wash. Pay attention to your diet and eat fish, vegetables and fruits.

plump lips
To have plump lips, you have to rub them gently. Before entering the shower, coat your lips with cream. Gently brush your lips with a toothbrush. You will notice that your lips are fuller!

eyelashes like arrows
Even if you don’t wear any makeup, you should definitely apply mascara to your eyelashes. With this simple action, you will see your facial expression change in an instant!

perfect eyebrows
In order to make your face more beautiful, it is imperative that you remove your eyebrows according to your face shape. Otherwise, you may not be able to reflect the expression on your face as you did.

protruding cheeks
You may also have high and protruding cheekbones. Draw your cheeks inward and apply a dark, half-tone blush to the space created. That’s all!
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