what is your body telling you

We love when other girls compliment and criticize their bodies. How dry your legs are, how freckled your arms are, how much weight have you gained, etc. Here are our body’s complaints and summer solutions…

sensual complaints
1 “Can’t You See How I Stretch And Dry After The Sun!”
Proposal: You can apply baby oil to your body without getting out of the shower and holding water on it. Thus, your body will be hydrated and you will have a baby complexion.

2 ”Oh, it’s so hot! I’m sticky again!”
Proposal: Remember to shower frequently and use a shower gel with moisturizing properties!

3 “Look, you fried me like a chicken again. How am I going to handle these burns and blisters now, can you tell me!
It is better not to expose yourself to the sun for a long time. A bubble bath with aloe vera will also be good for your skin. When you go out to sunbathe again, you will need a high protection sun oil.

4” I was more fluid in winter. Thanks to you, my skin has become mottled and colored. I guess you would do something about it?”
Proposal: Your skin needs to be exfoliated. Thus, you will get rid of dead cells and dry skin in an instant. When applying the peel…
a) In the shower, wet a clean cloth and apply some of the product to your body.
Scrub your body with the washcloth and massage in circular motions.
Then rinse and blot gently with a warm towel without pressing too hard.
Use body lotion when your body is damp.

5 ”You keep me cool by working out. However, you are not protecting my skin from the sun at all. How flaky I look in the sun.
Body sprays are ideal for getting rid of this look. You should pay attention to the fact that the spray has a humidifier and a protection factor.