organic care

Are you ready to encounter the miracles of nature? With oils that contain no additives, you can do wonders for your skin and fight disease!

Almond oil
This oil with nourishing properties for the skin is particularly recommended for dry and irritated skin. If your hair has become lifeless, you can try massaging your scalp with this oil. If you massage your hands and feet with this oil, which you can also use to remove make-up from the eyes, you will make them soft!

grape seed oil
This oil, which has a skin protective and anti-aging effect, is also suitable for sensitive skin thanks to its anti-allergic function! It is also used in aromatherapy and is one of the best massage oils. If you also want to relax your body, you should try massaging with this oil!

nut oil
You absolutely must come across this oil that prevents hair loss, treats eye wrinkles and overcomes lip cracks!

Olive oil
Olive oil, which gives flavor to our meals, also has great benefits for our skin. Known for its antiseptic properties, olive oil eliminates the harmful effects of the sun! Here’s a little tip for you… After thoroughly cleansing your face, apply olive oil to your skin. After waiting a while, wash your face thoroughly. You will notice that your skin is soft and smooth.

Black cumin oil
Black cumin has the ability to improve the immune system. You can also benefit from this plant, which helps destroy microbes, viruses and fungi, eliminate poison in the body through urine and heal wounds quickly. If you have wounds on your body, you should drink 1 teaspoon of this oil after your meal every day or apply it to the injured area twice a day! This oil is also very effective against hair loss and dandruff!


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