Why should you protect yourself from the sun?

The sun is our source of morale and health. Although experts suggest we stay away from him, we rush to confront him at the earliest opportunity. Well, do you know how he is affected and what we face every time we meet him?

It is our right to swim and sunbathe. But on one condition: we should tan healthier. Because when talking about the harmful effects of the sun, we must think about the health of our body and our hair as well as our beauty.
Teacher. Dermatologist from Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine. What Ertuğrul Aydemir said is not something to be taken lightly.

sun with causes and effects

The effects of the sun now go far beyond what is written in school textbooks. It is true that it is a source of energy for the world, ensures the photosynthesis of plants, helps in the synthesis of vitamin D and prevents related bone diseases, has germicidal properties and is good for certain skin diseases like psoriasis. How beautiful and elated we feel with our tanned skin when we sunbathe… But sadly, it is also true today that changing weather conditions seriously threaten our health. The effects of UV on the skin are divided into acute (rapidly evolving) and chronic (evolving over years) depending on when they appear.