5 multimedia suggestions for the pain of love

lowerIf you have broken up with your lover, if you are suffering from love, we have technological suggestions to make you happy! Here are 5 great ideas that will make you forget the heartache and add joy to your joy!

Writing: Ceren Stream

A love ends, a love begins… But how are these painful, troubled periods, “no matter what I do, I can’t get it out of my head” between the end and the beginning? As a result of our experiences, of course, we all have girlish tactics to shorten this period. Well, what do you know about how to survive this time in a fun way using the benefits of technology? Believe me, I know a lot! And yes, lucky me, I’m sitting at my computer right now sharing all of this with you, preparing to write you some suggestions that will make you feel like life isn’t so bad this time around! By the way, it is useful to say that it is Sunday. Think about it, today is Sunday. Since it’s the start of the week tomorrow, people are focused on having fun and having fun outside with their friends (I can’t say with their lovers). So what do I do? I am writing an article called 5 Multimedia Suggestions for a young girl who is sitting at home in front of the computer and has broken up with her boyfriend. I mean, there’s no one else who can understand you better than me right now! That’s why the suggestions you’ll read below aren’t just rhetoric written on the internet to fill the page, they’re all useful alternatives, all fixed by experience 🙂 Without wasting time, let’s get back to the reading.

1- Music is food for the soul (Remember to be careful with foods taken during a diet!)

First of all, let’s be clear, there is no listening to Turkish songs for a while. Because we have such strange brains that every word our ears hear rushes through the tiny folds of our brain, opening all the secret doors, entering all the secret drawers we’ve shoved into our subconscious and reminding us of something. about this lover we never want to remember. I’m serious, for example, I have a friend who can cry even while listening to the song “The train is coming, welcome, ley leyy limi limi ley”! I quote exactly the dialogue between us:

I know too much: why are you still crying?

Sorrowful Girl: She says practice because it’s in the song… (Extended them represent that my friend is too upset to finish the lyrics because of the crying)

I knew too much: Eeee?

Sorrowful Girl: Last year we went camping in Side for a school trip.

I know too much: By train?

Girl in pain: No, on a plane.

I know too much: Well, what’s the matter with the train?

The painful young girl: Because the conversation happened while we were on the plane, we would have liked to go by train, the jingle trip would have been more fun (you understood the i’s 🙂 )

If you don’t want to cry even the funniest songs as a result of such associations, I’m very serious in suggesting “Listen to Turkish Songs”. If you’re saying, “Well, what am I going to listen to then,” I can recommend a few bands that will be fun and keep you sitting still listening:

  1. Amy Winehouse… (She makes me pretty happy right now.)
  2. You can buy the Hair Musical soundtrack, even the name is significant enough; Let the Sun in!