We are young, we chase technological trends!

lowerA survey of young people documents a well-known fact. Want to know where young people spend their money, what they pay attention to when they spend it?

Bluetooth headset brand Jabra and its web portal www.mynet.com conducted a survey of young people aged 20-28. According to the research findings, the majority of young people spend their money first on clothes and then on health and technology products. Young people who regularly follow technology pay particular attention to product innovations such as mobile phones, digital cameras and televisions. Young Turks look first at the price and then at the brand; They prefer their devices to be Bluetooth enabled. When young people are asked, “Which country comes to mind when you think of technology?” the answer is the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Israel.
The survey, conducted across Turkey among 5,700 people, mostly men, between the ages of 20 and 28, college graduates, measured consumer technology preferences. According to the survey responses, 72% of young people aged 20 to 28 spend their money mainly on clothing, 63% on health and 34% on technology products. Other areas where young people spend money are entertainment (32%) and sports (16%).

tech savvy
According to the survey results, 90% of the participants regularly follow the technology. Young people are more interested in technological innovations in products such as mobile phones, digital cameras and televisions. These products are followed by PlayStation, digital camera, computer/laptop. Users’ preferences when buying technological products are mainly influenced by the price (75%), then the brand (64%) and the recommendations of their environment (40%). Apart from this, TV/daily news (37%), trends (31%) and technological features of the product (28%) also affect the purchase decision. 23% of participants cannot live without using technology products. So much so that 93% of young people surveyed have a Bluetooth device. For 52% of young people, it is important that the products they buy have Bluetooth functionality, and for 19%, it is very important.

Technology = United States When asked which country comes to mind when technology is mentioned, 29% of respondents said the United States was the answer. The United States responded. It was followed by Japan with 8%, Taiwan and Israel with 6.5%. The answer “Turkey” ranks fourth with 5.2%.