Social media survival guide

Social media, which has become part of our lives, can attract us from time to time and turn into an unlivable situation. Don’t worry, we have prepared a guide that will save you from this situation.

Writing Irem Naz Guvel

be positive

On social networks, everyone can easily say what they think. This leads to many negative reviews.

What should you do?

There’s a big difference between criticizing something and deliberately breaking a heart. When people write bad reviews about you, it shows their intentions. Because they are unhappy in their life, they are jealous of your happiness and make these comments to hurt you. You can avoid this situation by deleting and blocking those who hurt you. If someone is mean to you, tell your family.

use it correctly

Your social media accounts reflect your personality, and people rate you based on your behavior here.

What should you do?

Before commenting somewhere, you should think a little. After all, people read the comments you make on a page and their thoughts about you are shaped. Just like you don’t want bad comments coming your way, you should do the same. It will be in your interest to express your thoughts calmly.

ensure your safety

Internet is a very vast field where everyone is involved. The probability of encountering malicious people among users also increases. Thus, making friends online can be dangerous.

What should you do?

You should be in control of your life. That’s why you can make your profile private and protect yourself from people who will harm you by constantly reducing your sharing of stories. With this move, you can discover how precious your life is and you can include the people you want in your life. Making your own decisions about your life will improve you a lot.

Do not like

Everyone likes to be liked by others. To become more popular, do you want your friends to like your posts but still not getting the results you hoped for?

What should you do?

He insisted to his friends: “Do you want my last photo? You must refrain from sending such messages. This creates an antipathy towards you in them. Those who are always by your side already love your posts. Also, avoid posting photos that do not belong to you. Because your friends want to get to know you, not others.