Ways to be an Instagram Phenomenon!

We reveal the secrets to becoming an Instagram phenomenon.

Define content

Selena shares many posts on her account, from fashion to beauty to behind the scenes videos. What kind of messages are you going to share? Generally fashion or beauty? Or both? Perhaps you will reveal your way of life. If you are a person who travels a lot and reads a lot, the information you share can also attract the attention of your followers.

Choose your style

Some put the photos in black and white, some always prefer the same filter, and some retransmit everything as is. So what do you think? You can frame your photos, share them with white borders or add different themes. You can also put written effects on your photos. So what do you think of the videos? Will you edit it yourself or choose to put it as you shot it? It’s time to decide!

Keep your profile up to date

Selena went into a social media rehab for a while. But you’re not Selena Gomez and you don’t need it right now 🙂 At least for the start, you need to make sure your posts are regular. Certain times of the day lend themselves very well to this. For example, when you wake up in the morning, you can start your day with a “good morning” message. Even if you’re not sharing on the feed, you can at least post a story. But when sharing, be careful not to overlap too much. You can add a time gap of at least 2-3 hours in between.

contact us

Selena shares almost all the problems with her fans. To be an effective social media freak, you need to communicate with others. You can tell your problems and ask questions in your messages. “That’s how I think about it. How do you think it should be?” like… Do not neglect to respond to the answers given.

Use hashtags

To promote yourself on Instagram, you need to help people find you. You can do this with the hashtags and location notifications you use in connection with the topic. If you wish, you can also find these hashtags in special programs prepared according to the headings. Also, when a brand shares products, don’t forget to tag them to appear on the accounts of these brands and attract their attention.

Be yourself!

Don’t get too inspired by other people’s posts 🙂 You can be inspired, but if you post the same ones, it will definitely get noticed. This will not be very positive in terms of your charisma.

Follow the leaders

Don’t imitate anyone, but follow subject matter experts, like and write comments. So, those who are interested in this topic will definitely find out about you. You can even become friends with many of them and support each other in promoting your accounts.

make a collage

You must have seen several pictures of Selena. If you can’t decide which one to share among many photos, you can do multiple shares. Makes sense to us 🙂