10 fulfilling hobbies to adopt when you’re bored this summer

My favorite part of summer is the freedom it gives you to control your own schedule. Now is the perfect time to start a new hobby! Summer is super relaxing, but can also feel boring at times. Having too much free time can bore you if you don’t use it productively.

While giving yourself time to relax is vital for your well-being, trying a new hobby over the summer could be a great way to have fun and feel fulfilled over the summer. Here are some ideas for hobbies you could learn and work on over the summer.

Knit or Crochet

Knitting and crocheting are soothing hobbies that can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. They’re both fun creative outlets because you can literally create whatever you want. There are lots of cute and aesthetically pleasing pieces you can make with either of these textile crafts. You can find plenty of beginner’s patterns and tutorials online for all kinds of projects. Some fun things to do this summer are tank tops, shorts, stuffed animals, bags, and more.

While reading

Reading, in my opinion, is one of the most fulfilling hobbies you can have. Not only are books entertaining, but you can also learn a lot from them. If you already enjoy reading, try joining or even starting a book club. I think that would be a ton of fun!

If you don’t like to read, you may not have found the right book yet. There are many articles on The teen magazine with book recommendations. You can also try asking a friend or your local librarian. If you still find that reading doesn’t keep your interest, I recommend trying audio books. They allow you to continue experiencing the magic of books while multitasking, so you don’t have to be completely focused on reading.

Learn to play an instrument

Learning to play an instrument can be a great hobby to try over the summer. These days, with so many online resources, you can learn to play an instrument for free! If you don’t want to learn on your own, you can find someone nearby who gives lessons, but you’ll probably have to pay for them. Last summer I took bassoon lessons and this summer I plan to teach myself to play the guitar.


Yoga relieves stress and can improve your strength and flexibility. It’s a wonderful form of exercise that benefits your physical and mental health in countless ways. To learn yoga, search for classes in your area or search for yoga workout videos on Youtube!


Gardening is a really fun hobby. Not only can this be very calming, but having to take care of the plants also teaches responsibility. You can plant a flower bed, a vegetable garden or an herb garden. If you don’t have enough space or time for your own garden, look for a nearby community garden. My library has a community herb garden and anyone can come and harvest herbs or work there.

learn to code

Coding is another skill that can be very useful when looking for a job. It can also be a lot of fun to learn. You can learn how to create your own websites, games and apps. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty cool to me. I would recommend learning with Codecademy, as they have many courses you can take for free.


Journaling is a very rewarding hobby. Whether you’re journaling, trying to write in stream of consciousness, or writing in a bullet journal, it can be very meditative and calming to put your thoughts on paper and have a private space all to yourself. If you’re artistic, you can also try art journaling or scrapbooking; maybe that’s more your thing.

Start a Blog, Podcast or Youtube Channel

Content creation could be a really fun hobby for you to start this summer. I run my own blog and it has helped me gain confidence and connect with a community of readers. I plan to start a podcast this summer. These three hobbies are great creative outlets, and you can start blogging, podcasting, or creating Youtube videos for free.

There are many free resources available for creating your own blog or podcast. I recommend Blogger or WordPress for blogging and Anchor for starting your own podcast. To record podcast episodes or Youtube videos, all you need to get started is your phone. Although your smartphone may not be as high-end as professional equipment, it will work well if you are just starting out.


A great way to spend your free time is volunteering. If you do some quick research, I’m sure you’ll find a variety of ways to help your community. Some ideas are volunteering at your local homeless shelter, library, nursing home, or animal shelter. You could also help coach a youth sports team, raise money for a cause you’re passionate about, or tutor younger students. If your school needs volunteer hours, using your summer is a great way to get them!

Baking or baking

Cooking is an important life skill to learn and it can be a lot of fun. Cooking and baking can also teach you about other cultures and everything that goes into making the food you eat. Plus, nothing tastes better than homemade food! I bet anyone who lets you taste your delicious creations will also enjoy your new hobby.

I hope you have found at least one hobby to pick up this summer. This is the perfect time to try something new. I hope you can remember this holiday break after returning to school in the fall with pride for all you have learned and accomplished. Let’s make the most of this summer!