A young star in the making: Tati McQuay talks about social media and chasing her dreams

A professional dancer, black belt martial artist and aspiring actress, it seems Tatiana “Tati” McQuay’s talents know no bounds. At just 18 years old, the social media influencer and fashion lover is definitely worth checking out with her bubbly yet laid-back personality and determined mindset.

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Recently wrapped with filming Dani’s character for the latest trending sitcom “Gordita Chronicles,” which premiered June 26 on HBO Max, Tati is only stepping into the stage of her passions. In this conversation with The Teen Magazine, Tati gives us a little insight into her world as an actress and dancer, while learning what it really means to be a complete woman in the entertainment industry.

Cultivate a love for dance

As we all know, Tati McQuay is best known as a professional dancer among others. When asked how she got into dancing and became as talented as she is, she excitedly gave us insight into how her passion developed.

“I’ve been dancing since I was little,” Tati said, “Watching videos on MTV, seeing J.Lo and others perform…My mom saw how much I loved dancing and put me on in class when I was only two years old. It’s funny because I remember wanting to do hip-hop dance lessons so much wrong, but it took 4 people to do them. So I changed the truth a bit and told the instructor that I was soon to be 4 – but in reality my birthday was months later. I don’t know if she really believed me, but she let me take hip-hop lessons at an early age and my love for dancing only grew from there!”

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Ever since she was a little girl, Tati knew all she wanted to do was dance and play, just like her fashion idol, Jennifer “J.Lo” Lopez. Asked about her fashion icon and role model, Tati was quick to express her admiration for the Latina celebrity, “J.Lo is my biggest fashion icon. She started out as a professional dancer [like me], then she started acting, then she became a singer. She did it all! Not to mention how iconic her look is. Plus, we’re both Puerto Rican!

Share your side of fashion

Besides her jaw-dropping dances, Tati is a hugely popular social media influencer with thousands of followers. Her most popular items are fashion-inspired, with various trendy images of her outfits of the day.

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When asked whether or not she had any fashion do’s and don’ts, Tati admirably told us that in fact, she didn’t. She believes fashion is completely subjective, and her style is constantly evolving.

Learn by playing

Asked about her recent projects, Tati replied, “Well, I just finished filming Gordita Chronicles for 6 months in Puerto Rico. It was an amazing experience!

Of all the movies and TV debuts Tati has made so far, Tati shared that the most impactful so far has been The lies I tell myself. Although it hasn’t been released yet, Tati was quick to let us know that it taught her a lot and helped her really connect with her role, which brought out another side of her. as an actress. She also said that she was keen to get out of simple dance and venture into acting, which seemed to have changed her career forever for the better!

To look forward

From there, Tati defined her vision of what she would like to do in the future. She does not hesitate to tell us about her career plans: “I really want to do more acting. You know, to be a complete person in this [entertainment] industry – because it really matters.”

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Tati isn’t just about acting, though; the young star likes to discover her passions and interests. “I also want to be a superhero in a movie, own some kind of business like in fashion, makeup, or even skincare, and hope to give back through fundraising or advocacy for change the world.”

An advice

Being a social media influencer while acting and dancing is certainly an intriguing path, and Tati had some words of wisdom to share. Above all, Tati has amply indicated that the reality is quite different from what people see on social media. “All is not exactly what it seems,” she said, “Living in America really isn’t the American dream.”

She also went on to inform young minds that “there are, indeed, many obstacles that will remind you that all is not perfect – many of them. [social media] are just fabrications.” When then asked if there was a message she wanted to convey through her platform to other young minds, she replied that if there was one, it would be to “live life as if you had only one; there is only one life so live it happy. Being happy with yourself is all that matters in the end.”

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Tati also wasn’t afraid to let us know that pursuing dream career choices can definitely change someone; it certainly changed his life forever – and not in a bad way. “Sure, you have your teenage issues. But you’re exposed to so many great opportunities, it’s worth it,” she said.

10 quick questions with Tati

If you could have dinner with any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be? And why?

Justin Bieber because he sings and dances like me. Also, we are both from Canada and started playing very young, plus I’ve been a huge fan since I was younger!

What superpower would you like? What would your superhero name be?

Definitely read people’s minds. Since I am a very observant person and I always think. I don’t know what my name would be. But it would certainly contain the word spirit.

Would have you already to chase music Again?

Yes! Certainly!

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What’s your comfort food?

Sushi and crispy rice. If nothing else can make me feel better on a really bad day, it will.

Any upcoming trips you’re looking forward to?

I’m going on a trip with a group of friends to Bali next year. It’s an influencer thing, but I’m still very excited!

What do you like to do in your free time?

Spend time with family or friends. Or exercise, maybe even go boxing.

What does a normal week look like for you?

Practice in the morning, auditions or practices, events or dinners to attend, eat or whatever, but I wouldn’t say I really have a normal week. Every week is different, as my schedule changes quite constantly.

If you could teleport anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Either Greece or Paris.

In your opinion, what style(s) will be in this fall?

Maybe the 80s. Since a lot of shows seem to bring it back. Like Stranger Things, or even the show I’m on [Gordita Chronicles].

Any goals you plan or want to achieve this year?

Focus more on action.

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