15 very important phrases to respect in 2021 to improve your life

It’s the new year – and for 2021, these 15 ideas can guide you through the second year of the decade.

1. Education and Training

If you think about it, we are still creating ourselves. Every action, every thought and ultimately every memory is part of what essentially forms who we are.

Life is not just about finding yourself, but even more about creating yourself.

-George Bernard Shaw

Don’t push yourself to discover who you are, but rather explore and create who you are. This new perspective can push you to think on a different level.

Remember that you have the power to be yourself, and that is a great and wonderful thing!

2. About time

Time is such a complex thing; one moment it flows so fast, the next not so fast.

This year, try to make the most of the time and reduce the time that feels like a waste. Maybe things like social media and gaming could be a secondary priority (or maybe even a third).

Focus on time management; organize and divide your intervals to your advantage.

3. You are special

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Like everyone.

-Margaret Mead

Remember that you are amazing just the way you are, and everyone else is too.

We are not all the same, and that can be a good thing; Wouldn’t the world be so boring if we were exactly the same?

4. Become a sponge

Sponges have the ability to absorb water and retain it; this year, turn into a sponge and soak up everything. (not quite literally, though!)

Immerse yourself in learning and gaining knowledge, soak up your surroundings, you name it.

5. To be loved and to love

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

-Bill to Charlie, Perks of Being a Wallflower (Steven Chbosky, 1999)

This Benefits of being a wallflower quote can hit you with a new outlook on things.

Essentially, that means one would take the love they think they should have.

You could understand this as follows: a person with low self-esteem would accept an unhealthy relationship, because they do not consider themselves very high. A person with high self-esteem would not accept an unhealthy relationship because they know their value.

Maybe it could be a word that echoes some lines parallel to above: you can’t love others before you love yourself first. Love yourself, respect yourself and know your worth.

6. Satisfaction and Satisfaction

Life is something to be obsessed with – life is a miracle!

Make your life something you are completely satisfied with and something you enjoy living.

7. On New Directions

Sometimes not everything is meant to be. This applies to being rejected or abandoned. Let this be the new course that life will take you on.

See him as having a good reason for this rejection and accept that there is something else in store for you – perhaps even greater than you initially thought.

Remember that rejection is a redirect.

8. Sour to Sweet

Sometimes not everything is perfect and not everything goes as planned.

However, take advantage of this moment to know that things can improve, despite a bad situation; it can be good.

Think of it as a fruit. The outer peels can be bitter and sour, but once you crack it open, the inside is nice and sweet.

9. Forgiveness and Grace

The error is human; forgive, divine.

-Alexander Pope

We all make mistakes, and sometimes it’s better to let go and forgive.

It can be hard to let go, we can all recognize that. It can be difficult to treat and even painful. But in your best interest, is it worth holding a grudge that could even last for years?

This also goes for forgiving yourself. You will find that forgiveness and grace will allow you to become more free; you may even feel like an invisible burden has been lifted from you.

10. In The Moment

Be in the moment this year in 2021; indulge yourself and immerse yourself, and don’t get distracted.

Focus on what’s happening in the moment, pay attention to the little things and details, and let go of all the emotions and thoughts that are overwhelming you.

Live in the moment and be free!

11. Consideration and Attention

Take into account the situation of others and take care of others. They may be going through something that you may not know.

This goes for being polite, respecting others, thinking more about an action before doing it, being empathetic, etc.

Spread kindness and try to make people leave happier than they came.

12. On the Way

Keep swimming!

— Dory, Finding Nemo (2003)

It’s okay to feel stuck sometimes, but keep going! We all feel blockages from time to time, but we must not let them stop us completely.

As an old popular saying goes, “Don’t be afraid to go slow. Be afraid to stand still.

13. Appreciation of everything

Especially after a year like 2020, a lot of thought has made many people appreciate things more, no matter how small.

It can be anything; homemade dinner, the sound of rain, your teacher – the list goes on and on.

Practicing gratitude can also be a significant support for positive growth.

14. On the definition

Others don’t define you. They are not the ones writing your story; you are the main character, and you are also the author. (Maybe they can be the side characters, but definitely not the main focus.)

Know that you define who you are.

15. On entrances and exits:

Life is a mirror and will send back to the thinker what he thinks about it.

-Ernest Holmes

I already talked about it in my 20 positive habits you should start adopting every day article – what you put in is what you get.

Let that sink in, and let me repeat it one more time: what you put in is what you get out.

It’s simple, really; it’s a bit like math, where your input becomes your output. Your effort and energy directed towards a certain thing can affect how it works depending on your entry level.

Here we are, 2021

Here comes the second year of the decade – happy new year!