20 positive habits you should start adopting every day

Habits – which are ingrained in our daily lives – can have a big impact on your daily lifestyle. If you’re looking for ways to implement positive practices in your life, this one’s for you!

1. Make your bed

I know, I know – making your bed every morning can seem like a chore, especially in this gloomy early part of the day, but your nocturnal self will thank you.

It’s a great habit to implement into your everyday lifestyle, and a good thing is that it shouldn’t take too long!

2. Stay hydrated

Drinking water is important! Did you know that you are supposed to drink at least 6 cups (1.42 liters) of water a day?

If you’re looking for extra additions to add to your daily drink, consider adding lemon slices, cucumber slices, or tea leaves.

3. Correct your posture

While studying and reviewing school materials, it is quite common to be in a slouched posture.

Make sure you straighten your back and sit properly!

4. Your taste > Opinions of others

This one is very important if you want to live your life the way you want to live it. Start valuing your tastes above someone else’s opinions – if you have a strong passion for something someone may think negatively about, don’t let that stop you from liking something.

Moreover, it can also be small things. If you want to try something new, like a new fashion aesthetic, new musical genres, whatever, choose the one you really like instead of following others. What they like may not apply to you, and what you like may not apply to them. Don’t let what they might think hold you back.

do this your life- remember, this is your story, and you are the primary author.

5. Enjoy the sky

The sky is a wonderful gift from nature, and it’s always there for you, rain, snow or shine. The sunrises and sunsets are also stunning, as are the dreamy clouds!

Take a moment to appreciate the surrounding beauty in the sky each day.

6. Exit = enter

An important point is that whatever you get out, or in, is what you get, or your out.

Think of it like this: if you put a certain amount of energy into something, that outcome will be strongly determined by your vigor for that project. Have you put your heart and soul into a certain idea? Chances are, the result was something extraordinary and wonderful.

It can be painted in bigger pictures, such as your enthusiasm for everyday life; your contribution of positivity in your daily lifestyle will come back to you in a wonderful way.

7. Less stress

We all experience stress at some point in life, but often more than necessary.

A rule of thumb would be to ask yourself: How big is the thing I’m worried about? Will it be something big that will affect me greatly?

If it’s something small and tiny, it might not be worth that much stress.

8. Find joy in the little things

Things don’t have to be something huge to bring you joy.

Perhaps there is a beautifully colored leaf in this fall season. Maybe the breeze is cold and icy against your skin. Or, the little flower growing between the cracks in the sidewalk cheers you up a bit.

Either way, try to find joy in the little things; it could greatly change your outlook on life.

9. Recycle

Recycling is a good habit you should have!

If your trash can should be thrown away, but fits the description of an item that can be recycled, try recycling it.

10. Have a set sleep schedule

Sticking to a set schedule, especially a sleep schedule, is sometimes difficult, but it can improve your daily lifestyle by allowing you to have a set wake-up time.

Plus, it can help you get the hours of sleep you need.

11. Reflect on gratitude

Take a moment to reflect on what you were grateful for today. It can be anything, no matter how small.

Practicing being grateful can benefit you in so many ways, and it’s a wonderful habit to incorporate.

12. Stretch and breathe deeply

Occasionally stretch your limbs and give yourself a short break.

Plus, taking deep breaths is a great way to take it all in. It can help you focus and clear your mind, as well as calm you down.

13. Have a daily planner

Organizational skills will take you far in life, and having a daily planner is one of the most essential things you could need. It can help you stay on track and up to date, and also serve as a place to remind yourself of tasks.

Another bonus is that many planners have unique and cute designs that you might love!

14. Skin Care

It may look different because it’s on the outside, but your skin is also an organ and that’s important. Give him the care he needs!

Having skincare as part of your daily routine will absolutely help you and your skin. (This goes for daily sunscreen too!)

15. Leave It Better Than You Found It

One big thing I go by in my personal lifestyle is to “leave it better than you found it”.

It means improving or improving an environment or circumstance from when you were first introduced to it. An example would be joining a club and helping set up its structure and introduce more members. Another would be to simply put smiles and laughter on people’s faces.

You will find that helping to improve a situation will not only benefit others, but also you!

16. Be on time

An important habit that everyone should develop is being on time.

For those who occasionally arrive late, try setting your alarms five minutes earlier than the scheduled time. More often than not, it’s better to be early than late!

17. Wash your hands

Especially in times of global pandemic, hand washing is very necessary.

This goes for every day, all the time; before eating a meal, after coming home from outside and after using the toilet. Your hygiene is important!

18. Start a diary

I know that logs can often be difficult to follow. Starting a journal can even feel like a busy job at times.

However, journals can help you think things through and keep track. You might be happy years later to have found your journal or diary from your teenage years.

For those who are unable to keep a daily journal, that’s me, one idea would be to set aside a monthly journal. Personally, I keep a notebook in which I pre-write questions for myself and answer them monthly. It helps me to re-evaluate my goals and track myself from time to time.

19. Solutions > Problems

If you ever find yourself in a negative space where only critical thoughts come to mind, this one is for you. Try to make up for the bad with the good and instead start thinking about solutions to the problems you are facing.

Although a short rant can help you express your feelings, it’s only for a brief moment and could even potentially send you into a negative spiral that you don’t want.

Instead, try to face the problem you’re struggling with and ask yourself, “How can I solve this problem?” »

20. Put aside “me time”.

Last, but not least: it’s okay to make time for yourself.

Try to set aside time for yourself when you can indulge in whatever it is you want to do to go back – whether it’s exploring an interest, a hobby or a passion – do it. you.

Sometimes we all need a little breather, and “me time” is very beneficial.

Which of these habits will you incorporate into your daily schedule? Let us know in the comments below!