4 Facts Girls and Women Should Remember When They’re Single

There is this annoying habit of always being the friend who is never in a relationship. Yeah, the one watching romantic action movies while everyone else is hanging out and the only date you can get is with the pile of homework your teacher threw at you. No girl likes to admit it, with all the movies and books where the girl gets her man and a happily ever after, one wonders where they went wrong.

The answer is that nothing went wrong.

Being single isn’t a death sentence, and here are four great reasons why.

1. Having few (or no) juicy stories can be a good thing

There are also locker room chats for the girls, and it can be quite isolating when you can’t participate. The juicy stories, steamy details, and the bonds formed on the secret of it all are what most girls secretly covet, whether they’re in college. , high school and even college. And I’m sure most of us can talk about the times when we rushed relationships just so we could become members of those circles. Ultimately, the people you’re trying to impress never really liked you. Besides, these stories really weren’t worth it. Maybe the person you loved always texted after you begged them, or just ruined your feelings. Better yet, maybe your bae has messed you up and you’ve decided you can’t take it anymore. I’m pretty sure the tale where the girl enters her kingdom and wipes out everything that no longer serves her is so much more interesting than any branching tale. Also, many people who tell them regret it or will later inside.

2. Everyone has their preference, and you are someone’s preference okay

Nobody likes to hear it, but it’s true, people have their preferences. Petite, tall, blonde, brunette, thick and curvy, or slim yet neat. The problem comes when, for a while, you seem like nobody’s favorite. It then starts to make you think that you’re not good enough for just anybody, to have any kind of good partner. When your thoughts arrive there, make a full revolution in the opposite direction, for none of this is true in the least. You’re amazing, you’re gorgeous, and honestly, there will come a time when all the right perspectives will come your way. This is why you will be overwhelmed and have to make cuts as if you were doing auditions. It may sound like a fairy tale, but your greatest asset is self-confidence. Taking this time during the period of celibacy to develop self-confidence, high self-esteem and this faith will make you so beautiful from start to finish. Then, when you least expect it, the right one(s) (wink) will come chasing your light.

3. Being single is a time of growth and healing.

Going through relationships like slices of pizza won’t make the hurts of the past go away. So instead of thinking about catching that cutie over there, take a step back and focus on yourself for a minute. Think about the things you’re still struggling with, including things you’ve put on the back burner because you focused your energies on others. Describe your day, including your likes and dislikes in your life. Scream into a pillow about how much the lack of attention you received hurts. Also, if you just need ice cream and a movie on a Friday night, do it. It’s more than normal to want to be with someone who adds to your life, but if there are feelings and traumas that keep you from playing, then any partner would only get what little you have. right now. You have to get back on track and know where you’re going before you converge on someone else’s path. Otherwise, you will both be lost.

4. Get together with your single friends (often)

Being friends with people who are in a relationship is fine, but being the only one grimacing can get tiresome. Sharing your woes about being single is also tricky with those on solid ground. So here are your single friends. They are the friends who touch you because you are all in the same place in your life and therefore can help you through it all. These are the friends you can date without worrying that they are leaving for their partner’s needs. Above all, they are a constant reminder that being alone does not mean being alone. Instead, it means being a boss who functions beautifully as an independent person. It doesn’t happen overnight, and that’s why your friends are involved in the process.

As you finish reading this article, remember that your time with your special someone comes at the right time and you deserve to be happy regardless. Although it’s boring to read this, you’ll be thankful you did later.