5 science books for dummies worth reading

How was our universe formed? How did we (humans) develop? With these books, you are about to find out. Learning something new is always helpful and easy, but when it comes to science, you might easily get tired of all the information or the level of difficulty. These books are easy to understand and will keep you entertained for hours. I want to study science and be a scientist and these are my beginnings. I was 10 when I received my first science mini-book which got me into the game. So don’t think you’re not old enough or not smart enough! If a 10 year old can do it, surely you can!

5.the cloud prince

It’s a series of books but it’s worth reading.

It’s about a boy, Tristan, and his friend, Tom, who are looking for a girl called Blueberry, who is the daughter of the Cloud King of the North. In this novel, some scientific references are easy to understand for almost everyone. The first book is Prince of the Clouds (which talks about the planet and its climate), the second is Morning of the 3 Suns (which talks about paleontology and some physics topics) and the third is Rage of the Wind (which talks about some meteorological events and some other physics topics).

It’s good for beginners because it’s not a classic science book, it’s a novel with some science references so it’s not so “boring” for someone who is not used to several information written without any fantasy or humor.

4. what einstein said to his hairdresser

What a funny title, isn’t it?

This book deals with everyday dilemmas that are answered with scientific answers. It is ideal for school/university projects based on simple questions that may have tricky or difficult answers. It’s the kind of book you read on the couch with a cozy blanket while listening to soft jazz. In addition, this book does not require any knowledge of physics. It doesn’t have a specific topic talking about it because it’s written as a question and answer game.

But who knows, you will find something there that you have been wondering about for years or revise some of your predictions.

3. a subject of wonder: what biology reveals about us, our world and our dreams

This book is very interesting for several reasons.

First, it explains some basic biology terms, but not in a boring way. It makes you understand these terms by giving examples and telling jokes that help you feel more comfortable while you read it. Then when you start to familiarize yourself with the subject, you start to focus on more difficult subjects but always easy to understand if you are not really related to biology. It is so well written and so enjoyable for almost anyone to read.

When you finish this book, you will be satisfied with what you have just read and with yourself.

2. astrophysics for those in a hurry

It is the ideal book for people in a hurry as he says. I think if you want to learn the basics of space this book is for you!

The word astrophysics may scare you but it actually means astro=star and physics (the physics of stars). This book is really organized into chapters and categories by different themes. It’s super lightweight, so you can carry it wherever you go.

It’s perfect for the holidays as it’s only 156 pages, so it’ll last the whole time you’re there. It explains the basics of astrophysics in a fun and readable way.

1. the universe in your hand

It’s my favorite book of all time. I read it two years ago and it changed my life.

Thanks to this book, I want to be a physicist. It is quite large as it consists of 450 pages but for me it is an admiring book. It starts with you lying on a beach looking at the stars and wondering about your existence. It takes you from black holes to an electromagnetic field. It really makes you think about how the world and everything works.

After reading it, you will feel really smart because it is a bit difficult to understand. It is a must read.

These were my book recommendations for people who are new to the world of science and aesthetics. These books will give you a spark of joy when you feel like you need to learn something new. Have a good book marathon!