8 ways to celebrate your birthday while respecting social distancing

Celebrating your birthday in quarantine can be difficult. You don’t want to miss memorable moments like blowing out candles or opening presents. As seen on popular app Tik Tok, many are celebrating their birthdays in rather creative ways. From blowing out candles with a mini fan to singing Happy Birthday via real-time calls, people are finding ways to keep the celebration going. To add to the list, I’ve rounded up some popular ideas for celebrating your birthday while social distancing.

1. Birthday Slideshow

A birthday slideshow is always a great way to put a smile on your loved one’s face! Whether it’s for a friend or a family member, this idea is perfect for anyone of any age. Create a video of all their friends and family members saying “Happy Birthday”, add music and finally send it to them on the special day.

2. Electronic Gathering

While a birthday party isn’t the best idea right now, an electronic get-together is! To make your birthday party safe, set up as many phones, iPads, and laptops as possible to FaceTime your friends, to make it look like they were there with you on your special day!

3. Zoom Celebration

The Zoom app is the new way to communicate with large groups. If you have a big family but can’t all be together on your birthday due to self-isolation, don’t worry, Zoom allows up to 100 people on a call. This makes it a great way to have your family around while you blow out your candles with the mini fan!

4. Netflix Party

Movie nights are always fun with your friends, but when we can’t all be together, we can use Netflix Party! Netflix Party is an add-on to your Netflix account that lets you and your friends watch a movie or show together on Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers! Not only can you watch the movie but also discuss it in the chat section. It’s a great way to celebrate your birthday with your friends!

5. Drive-through party

Want to see your friends on your birthday but still keep a safe distance? To do this, organize a drive-by evening! It’s the best way to keep your distance while seeing the smiling faces of your friends as they pass by your house wishing you a happy birthday. All your friends can drive down your street holding signs and honking their horns to let the whole neighborhood know it’s your special day!

6. Club quarantine

If it’s someone in your family turning 21 during this time of quarantine, be sure to spill their frown! Remind them they can still have fun turning your house into a quarantine club. Your mom could be the bartender and your dad the bouncer, and make sure you have colorful lights, great music, and safe fun!

7. Make a cake

Baking a cake is always fun and the results are almost always delicious! Instead of buying your birthday cake at the supermarket, make your own, this way you can customize your cake as you see fit. There are many amazing recipes online that you can read or watch to find out what ingredients to use. Choose all the flavors and decorations of your wildest dreams!

8. Spa Day B

If you don’t like to party but rather enjoy a rather relaxing birthday, a b-day spa is for you! Run a bubble bath or make a face mask, and top it off with painting your nails. If you don’t have pre-made masks at home, you can make your own! Foods such as avocado, oatmeal, egg whites, honey and yogurt are all great for the skin and are therefore incorporated into many face or foot mask recipes. Finally, relax and take a break from your hectic life!