How to Be Single on Valentine’s Day: 8 Activities to Be Your Own Date

If you’re as single as I am, you probably know the feeling of dread that sets in every year as Valentine’s Day approaches. Staring at the extra and utterly useless PDA in the school hallway, listening to your friends brag about all the extravagant gifts or dates that are planned – really, nothing could be worse.

But who says singles can’t also celebrate Valentine’s Day (even if you do it just to upset all those boring, happy couples) by showing a little more self-love every year? Here are 8 things to do alone this Sunday:

1. Go out on a date

This one might sound a little weird, but it’s only awkward if you make it awkward! Ask for a table for one at your favorite restaurant, and maybe even dress up a little to make it special. If you’re feeling even braver, you can get bonus points for laughing at your invisible date and attracting the attention (and concern, probably) of other nearby diners.

2. Cook your favorite meal yourself

For those not quite ready to dine alone in public, cooking is another great option, and maybe even more fun! Go to the grocery store and collect the ingredients for your favorite recipe. If you want to be fancy, make it a 3 course meal and make your own starter, entree and dessert. If you’re not the best cook, you can always stop at your favorite fast food joint, or order delivery (which could be festive too, if you order a Domino’s heart-shaped pizza or a Chick’s heart-shaped pizza -Fil-A’s). boxes in the shape of nuggets!).

3. Take care of yourself

We all have our daily self-care routines: skincare, exercise, or practicing our favorite hobbies. For Valentine’s Day, go the extra mile to make it a little more special – buy a fancy, expensive face mask or light a scented candle for a bubble bath. After all, the only person you’re really stuck with for the rest of your life is yourself, so why not show a little more appreciation?

4. Treat yourself

If you’re an avid shopper, there’s probably an item you’ve had your eye on for a little while now, whether it’s clothes, jewelry, or a book. Use Valentine’s Day as a reason to make that purchase; after all, what better day is there to spoil yourself? You deserve it!

5. Get dressed

When you see well you feel well, so why not put a little extra effort into your appearance? Put on an outfit you’ve never worn before, do some new makeup or a new hairstyle, or even try out a whole new wardrobe aesthetic to spice up your day!

6. Organize your own photoshoot

This one works best in tandem with the previous step – dress up for a few selfies or fit photos, and have your own photoshoot! If you take pictures you like, maybe even post them on your social media accounts and remind everyone how much unlucky they must not go out with you.

7. Watch a romantic comedy

If you don’t want to embrace the “proud to be single” ideology and would rather just sit back and watch one of your favorite rom-coms, do it! Maybe even make it a movie night with friends to make it more fun – as long as they’re all single too, because I can say from experience that being the only one in the room not cuddling with his boyfriend is really a good way to do a lot of romantic comedy sadder it’s supposed to be.

8. Get A Gal/Pal-entine

Listen, I understand – some of us really want to be spoiled and showered with drugstore candy on Valentine’s Day. But if you can’t get a boy/girlfriend to do it for you, why not just ask an old friend and do some of the activities on this list? together? Try it out, and let us know what you think!