How to make the most of social media

While scrolling through your feed and liking dog pictures is one way to use social media, there are plenty of other amazing things you can do using the platform. Although most of us use social media for entertainment, it could be used in many other useful ways. People tend to assume that social media isn’t associated with productivity, but you can easily prove them wrong. Your hobbies and interests are important, and what better way to show them to the world than to create a social media account dedicated to your hobby? Here’s how to get the most out of social media.

1. Get engaged (for this kind of engagement, you don’t even need a ring)

That’s what social media is basically for. Let’s talk about your personal account first. You have to engage with people. Follow the people who matter. This includes that friend you promised to keep in touch with, that cousin you miss because he lives so far away, and your teacher who impacted you so many years ago. Follow the people who inspire you, who motivate you and make you want to strive. While meme pages are amazing, maintain a healthy balance between entertainment and productivity.

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Hashtags such as #mondaymotivation, #studyinspo and #productivity are also good starting points.

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But here is the part that will change your life. Create a social media account for your hobby. You might think it’s going to get lost among the dozens of photography and writing accounts, but believe me when I say it’s the best thing you can do. Your interests matter and they deserve to be seen. On this account, interacting with your followers is crucial.

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Also interact with accounts similar to yours. Find accounts you can research and slip into their DMS for advice. Believe it or not, they will usually help you. Follow feature pages, they help you gain subscribers. Comment on posts similar to yours. If someone comments on your post, reply. Appreciate their kindness. Support other creators. Join groups. Engage.

2. Don’t be like dinosaurs

What I mean is be consistent. You can’t start a page, post great content for two weeks, and then disappear off the face of the planet. You have to stay consistent. You can start with high goals and rose-tinted eyes. Then you don’t go viral in a week and suddenly your hopes are dashed. We will find these hopes because it is not done like that. You must be consistent. Draw the line between being consistent by checking in every day and going overboard by spending too much time staring at the screen. Have a clear goal. Which brings me to my next step: planning.

3. Plan. To plan. And plan.

I can’t stress how important it is for you to plan. You don’t have to take out your diary and sit for hours. Just decide how often you can download content. Design a schedule and, more importantly, stick to it. If you find yourself unable to follow the schedule you have created, chances are it is very unrealistic. When creating this schedule, remember factors such as school, homework, personal life, and availability.

We often think of ideal scenarios when we create a schedule, we think of an ideal scenario. We imagine that every Sunday evening we will have absolutely nothing to do and it is therefore the ideal time to upload. But what if you need to catch up on some reading for school? What if your friend throws a party? Think about all the assumptions.

When planning your page, it’s important to get feedback. Compare your photography page to that of a professional and identify what you can improve. Ask your friends to be honest when they tell you what they think. You can even dm your models, tell them how much they inspire you and ask them for advice. They might not respond, but there’s also the chance that they actually do.

Choose an aesthetic. Choose a theme. Use the same filter on all your photos. Your page should be clean and uniform. But the most important part is-

4. Have fun

Remember why you are doing this. It’s not for followers, fame or fleeting likes. It’s for you. Stay true to yourself. It’s easy to forget how to have fun when you get too caught up in daily downloading, even if you start to get bored of your own content. Take a break if you feel like it. Your account is for you. It’s up to you to express yourself in your own way. In the end, it’s about doing what interests you. So don’t forget to have fun.