Survive Valentine’s Day with your BFF

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you want to have a good time, even without being expensive, spend it with amazing friends. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, enjoy your vacation. Here’s how to survive Valentine’s Day without a Valentine.

1. Movie night

Grab your single friends and have a movie night. Create your own meal bar, similar to a taco bar or homemade pizza, and also keep snacks on hand like M&Ms, Hershey bars or bowling alleys. Then have fun creating desserts together.

2. Date alone

Don’t really want to spend a night on the town or be with people? Have a nice day. Spend the night pampering yourself with your favorite things. Use that new bath bomb you’ve been dying to try, stream some great music, read a book, or just watch reruns of your favorite show. Remember that even when you’re alone, you’re having fun doing what you love.

3. Galentina Day

This unofficial holiday is the day before Valentine’s Day. In case your best friend and his/her partner already have plans for the 14th. Spend the day with your girls going to dinner, surprising each other with fun gifts and having fun. Remember that you all support each other through thick and thin and can celebrate your friendships too.

4. BFF Jewelry

Grab your BFF and go get some matching jewelry, get some matching piercings, and rock the look together. If you’re really daring, get a cute matching tattoo to remember your friendship for years to come. Take a few photos along the way, you’ll want to remember them.

Enjoy this Valentine’s Day with the people you love, doing what you love!