London date ideas

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time for summer.

Got a hot date in hot weather? We’ve rounded up a bunch of fantastic ideas for that perfect date in London with that special someone. From paddling the lidos to drinking cocktails 160 meters in the sky, we’ve got you covered; so all you have to do is introduce yourself!

Drink cocktails in a rooftop bar

Sipping a cosmo’s, overlooking the magnificent city with an equally magnificent date. Sounds like a dream, right? London is home to many magnificent rooftops, including the Queen of Hoxton and Madison. However, the ME hotel on the Strand has a dazzling rooftop bar; located at 10efloor, Radio on the roof offers stunning views of the city, perfect for a summer evening.

Watch a romantic comedy at an outdoor cinema

As the summer season approaches, outdoor movie screens are popping up all over the city. Use the scary horror movie as an excuse to cuddle your date and find out if he really has a heart when he cries in a gross romantic comedy. The Rooftop movie club have their residence in three buildings across London, each showcasing a range of quintessential classics and brilliant new releases.

Putt a hole in one

There’s nothing like a competitive round of golf to spice up a date. West End Swingers boasts two romantic and traditional seaside-themed mini-golf courses, as well as four glamorous cocktail bars. Whether it’s your 1st date or your 30th (who counts?), everyone loves a bit of crazy golf.

Fancy a dip?

Take a dip with your date this summer and head to one of London’s fantastic outdoor pools. Watching your partner do tricks while relaxing by the water doesn’t sound too hard, does it? London Fields Lido recently underwent a complete refurbishment, leaving it cleaner than ever.

Host a Classic Romantic Picnic

Sitting atop Primrose Hill, eyeing the sweeping views of London (while you’re not gazing lovingly at your date) is the perfect spot for a picnic. Offering both spectacular views and the cutest cafe just around the corner, Primrose Hill is probably one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in London. Or if the thought of climbing a hill to the top of Primrose Hill makes your stomach turn, Clissold Park in North London has large green spaces, two lovely ponds, an animal enclosure and a cafe, so you won’t you don’t even need to pack a picnic!

Sip summery gin in a beautiful beer garden

I don’t know about you, but when the sun rises, only two words come to mind: beer garden! While there are hundreds and hundreds of equally dazzling beer gardens, one in particular stands out. The failing rear is located just behind Finsbury Park station and has a large three-storey tree house like beer garden hidden behind what appears to be just a local boozer. Without spoiling much of the surprise, I’ll leave it up to you and your lucky one to discover the magic behind the backdoors of The Faltering Fullback.

Look over views almost as good as your date

If taking in (free might we add) London overviews is your thing, then look no further! Offering both panoramic city views and a botanical paradise in a single 43-story viewing gallery in the sky, the sky garden is the perfect place to woo your date once and for all. The Sky Garden also offers bars and restaurants, so if you fancy a martini 160 meters in the sky, this is your calling.

Marvel at the large selection of ice cream sea ​​ice

Whether your date is a cookie and cream guy or a strawberry shortcake girl, Marine Ices has it all. Authentic Italian ice cream, Marine Ices is sure to put a smile on your date’s face (right after he’s overcome the brain freeze!)