Top 7 Tips for the Best Summer Reading Experience

Now that summer is on the way, everyone has more time to start exploring new hobbies. Something that has been a tradition for as long as I can remember is reading. During school, one can become very preoccupied with homework and stressed about the amount of things to be done. Reading alleviates this stress, but because of school, we never find the time. If you just started reading this summer, here are some tips for enjoying that perfect reading experience. Let’s go!

1. Find a gender

Finding a genre can be difficult, especially if reading is new to you. I always find it helpful to take a look at what’s on the shelf. Browse through different aisles of books, whether horror, anime, mystery or romance. I grew up reading Nancy Drew and A Series of Unfortunate Events, so I looked for similar books in that genre. When I saw that I was more interested in books like The Divergent Series and started watching Rom-Coms, I decided to explore that through different books I read. No one likes the same books all the time, everyone has a preference. As long as you lose yourself reading, that’s all that really matters.

2. Visit local libraries and bookstores

The next step in your reading journey is finding a place to find your books. I used to browse books every week, so I found it cheaper and much better to check out books from the library. However, if you are new to reading, check out your local libraries and bookstores. Personally, I would start with libraries first. If you don’t find your book interesting, you can always return it. Another great thing about checking books is that you can check out a few books at a time. If you finish a book, you can move on to the next one.

I recommend bookstores to people who have an idea of ​​their favorite genre. Here you can search for other books similar to your previous favorites. I like to make a list of all my favorite books I’ve read over the years, so when I go back to bookstores I can find similar titles related to my favorites. Something I would recommend for avid readers is to visit vintage bookstores. They are really hidden gems. You can always find something new and unexpected in these places. However, use this trick with caution. Some bookstores do not allow returns and most books are used and worn. Only go to these places if you really know what you are looking for.

3. Library/staff recommendations and choices

A great way to get into reading is to ask staff or librarians what they would recommend. Part of being and working as a librarian or bookstore staff member is making recommendations to customers. You can also ask them if they can find books related to your favorites or books by the same author. I asked staff members for recommendations all the time. They sincerely give the best recommendations to their customers. You can also find recommendations in book clubs and YA newsletters.

4. Start small, progress gradually

I know all too well the rush you feel once you’ve found and purchased the perfect book. After reading the first one, you just want to buy more, and before you know it, book buying becomes addictive. Don’t fall into the trap of buying books you’ll never read. Start small first. Take the time for your first book. When we read too much too fast, it can get boring and we fall into that book rut of putting off reading for a while. Reading should be fun and exciting, something that should be done regularly. I would suggest starting small and then building up as you progress through your reading journey. Over the years, I’ve gone from individual books to trilogies to series. I know how to pace myself because I know that when you read too much of the same genre it can get a little boring. So take your time and pace your reading.

5. Interval Reading

It goes hand in hand with your reading pace. I like to read between thirty minutes and an hour, depending on the time I have. If I’m bored, I like to find time during the day away from electronics and read. If you really can’t get into reading, try setting an alarm while you’re reading. For my avid readers, once you complete a chapter, you are hooked for hours. One thing I absolutely make sure to do before I finish reading is always finish the chapter. It’s been a tradition of mine for as long as I can remember, I have to finish at the start of a new chapter, or at the end of the last one. I do this for the suspense, but mostly so that the next time I open my book, no matter how long it’s been, I won’t be confused as to what happened or where I left off.


Bookmarks can become a great source of motivation for reading. Finding an aesthetic bookmark can create the perfect and enjoyable reading mood. I am currently obsessed with Van Gogh bookmarks. For beginning readers, a slip of paper or receipt can also be used. However, if you want to know more, I highly recommend buying bookmarks. There are also so many choices, it’s not just paper or plastic. Some are vinyl, some have tassels, and some are even magnetic. I will say that an insult to all avid readers is the corner bent pages. So keep that in mind the next time you consult or read a book. Invest in a bookmark to enjoy this reading adventure.

7. Find your “reading place”

The final step in your reading journey is to find that special “reading zone.” It’s the place where you can read while being free from distractions. It’s a place where you can easily get lost in your book and feel completely at ease. For some, it’s being alone in your room, for others it’s making white noise and lighting a candle while sipping your favorite drink. It really depends on what you’re comfortable with.

Some people can be content with lounging on the couch while reading, and others need to be alone while they read. I find nature and being outdoors create the perfect mood while I read. Natural light is always best for reading, strong lighting can cast shadows and sometimes you won’t be able to read. I like to admire natural landscapes and be alone while I read. I can get lost in my book for hours and not pay attention to what’s going on around me.


Reading can and is a fun activity. I wish I had more time to read. Reading can take you to exciting new places, without even leaving the comfort of your home. For new readers, I highly recommend reading. It’s a great way to relax and unwind, especially after a stressful day. Many people use reading to read books to improve themselves. These are just a few of the ways to enjoy reading, there are many more.