Try these five activities before school starts

This summer marks the beginning of the end of the Coronavirus. With years of staying indoors and social distancing, it’s finally time to enjoy all that summer has in store for us! With that in mind, here are a few things that would take your summer to the next level.

#1: Make a to-do list

This option can be anything you want. What do you want to try or learn this summer? Do you like new and exciting things? Or do you prefer to relax by the pool? Make a list of things you look forward to doing in your free time.

Remember that none of these things need to be educational or practical (unless you like to learn, in which case you do!). Be as creative as you want! Your activities do not have to be major events. They can be as small as trying a new restaurant!

Examples of things you can do include pottery, ice cream making, renting a tandem bike

You might even want to involve your friends in creating your bucket list! It’s always fun to do things with others, so collaborate with others to make the best list possible!

#2: Plan a themed summer party

Now it’s an incredibly fun option for those looking to bond with friends in a non-basic way. The party theme can be whatever you want and throwing it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. This activity is about being creative. I mean look at the watermelon Shrek!

You might be inspired by your favorite TV show or book series. Encourage guests to dress up and try to make themed gifts and food.

#3: Read a book outside your comfort zone

Reading has many benefits: Improves vocabulary, concentration and has been shown to be effective against mental illnesses such as depression. If you’re not a big reader, don’t worry! Start with a shorter book that you may not have tried before. Ask a friend to recommend a book or go to a bookstore and select a book at random.

If you have a genre that has interested you for a while, now is your chance! Who knows, you might even find a new favorite genre!

#4: Visit an unexplored place

Visit a place you’ve never been! It doesn’t have to be far at all, often there are places in our own towns we haven’t been to for some reason. There can be a ton of things in your own backyard worth exploring. Be sure to try new foods and hit up the local stores while you’re there!

Try to support small businesses when you can. They are incredibly deserving of support and barely getting enough love. You might even stumble upon a new gem!

#5: Try cooking/baking a new food

There is always something exciting about creating something from scratch. It’s entirely your own creation and your mastery of the recipe is delicious to try! If you love a recipe from a particular restaurant, try recreating it in your own kitchen! It may not be exactly the same, but you can adjust it to your liking.

Overall, your summer is entirely what you make it. They can be the best times to grow, learn and have fun! Have fun and make sure you stay safe!