What to think about when deciding where to place your first tattoo

Ever wanted a tattoo, but didn’t know where you’d want it, or even what type of tattoo? Here are some tips to help you in your thinking process.

Thinking about tattoo pain can be a factor in deciding where you want it and how big it is. The larger the work, the more visits are necessary. Also to consider, the more visits, the higher the price to pay for the tattoo. If you want to get a sleeve, or even a back tattoo, the visits required are not all at once. They can be scattered monthly.

1. If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, it is advisable not to get it on your chest or back as it is a little more painful and the healing time can take a lot longer so even this can be a painful and boring process. .

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2. Interested in less pain? Avoid super bony areas so you don’t have to feel it all the way to the bone and your artists don’t have to go back to fill in the layers again, making the tour longer.

3. If you’re going for a larger design, place it somewhere comfortable for you for a while and that makes it easier for your artist to do their job.

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4. Normally, since the ink has spread, it’s best to scale your drawing a bit, to allow for working or adding more detail to the skin and over time, if it does spread, it will doesn’t look bad.

5. Finally, another thing to consider about tattoos, they cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, you cannot swim or go to the beach and you must take care of them properly.

With a tattoo comes responsibility. Have fun getting your first design and placing it wherever you want.