5 Easy Ways to Appreciate Your Mom This Mother’s Day

For many Americans, May 10 will be a Mother’s Day like no other. Usually, I honor my mother on this day by giving her a small gift or going out with her for a meal. However, this year, as we are stuck in our homes due to social distancing, we are compelled to recognize actions that go beyond the purchase of items, but are personal expressions that recognize the value of our mothers in a personal, unique and truly individual way. .

This year, we can still show our mothers how much we care for them. After all, Mother’s Day is originally a day to celebrate hardworking mothers. All beautiful gifts are great, but due to the difficulty of gift shopping in the current circumstances, we must instead find new ways to honor our mothers with love and respect for all their hard work.

Although this Mother’s Day is completely different from the last, here are still five ways to appreciate our mother this Mother’s Day.

1. Cook a meal

Offer your mom to cook her favorite dish. If she taught you a recipe, prepare it for her. Your mother will not forget your delicious meals or your care and attention.

2. Clean the house

Some mothers respond better to acts of service, and the best way to show their appreciation is to go out and do something for them. Be careful when mowing the lawn, washing the dishes or vacuuming the house. Give your mom some time to relax. Make him feel important; let her know that what you are doing for her is a free gift out of love.

3. Make a bouquet for your mom

While it may be difficult to go to the store during this pandemic, you can still get creative. Go pick flowers in your garden and have fun arranging them in different styles.

4. Watch a movie or TV show with your mom

Moms sometimes like to be appreciated with fun things to do too. Never rule out that she wouldn’t like to watch a movie or TV show with you. Be sure to also prepare a bowl of popcorn!

5. Make your mom a card

Get out some paper and markers. Write and decorate the card with a heartfelt message telling your mom how much you appreciate her.

As Mother’s Day comes and goes, let’s hope we can also continue to do these simple things not just on Mother’s Day, but every day of the year!