5 signs you’re falling in love with your crush

Have you ever felt that you might have a crush on someone, but you still wonder if your feeling is true or not, if it’s just a temporary flutter? Well, if the answer is yes, this article is definitely for you. And if you start to have these signs below, without hesitation: go for it, since you are really falling in love.

1. Forget your priorities & Always in your thoughts

“If you rearrange, reprioritize and reinvent your life, you might fall in love.” Yes, this is the time when you always think of them first, no matter what the problems. For example, if you see a cute teddy bear, you immediately think that your crush would definitely like it too.

Or you just start changing some of your daily habits to spend more time with them, to be with them, to shine in every moment: make every moment more precious than anything else. Forgetting one’s priorities also means always listening carefully to what the other is saying, remembering the smallest details or stories they tell you.

It’s a sign that you’re falling in love when you realize how often you think about them. Saying this is silly, but for me it suddenly happens when I think of “him” in the middle of the school day before I go to sleep or even on our next date. I feel happy and involuntarily laugh every time I re-read his messages, look at his back shadow, and look at his picture over and over again.

2. I can’t stop smiling

Don’t hesitate as long to ask your crush if you’ve learned that you can’t help but smile randomly every time you meet them, have normal conversations, or reminisce about your “beautiful” memories with them. . I dare say, you’ll find smiling at your crush is out of control. In another phase, it is a natural flex.

I smile seeing him walk, I smile watching him from afar. I smile watching him play football and it all finally made my day.

3. Dying to share everything

You’re just waiting for the time to be free from work, free from school to see them, tell them your stories. Seeing them after the “worn out” moments is like most things you look forward to in your absolute normal days.

Dr. Robert J. Sternberg said that love can be identified by three main aspects: intimacy (the desire to feel closely connected), passion (physical and emotional stimulation) and decision/commitment (the resolve to stay together).

At that time, I wanted to share everything with him, even the most insignificant things, including my sadness and also, of course, my happiness. I wish I could be the shoulders he cried on, the hand he held in fear, and the healer of his scars. I thought I was thrilled to be there whenever he needed to share his world.

4. Time flies when you’re with them.

I guess we’ve all had this kind of feeling before, like when we’re having fun, time flies. Unlike sitting in a boring class or doing repetitive work, we don’t care what time it is or how long it takes to finish. Eventually, we’ll just end up with a stupid and weird question: “Is it time already?” and also a feeling of “too attached” that you even wish time would freeze at that blissful moment.

When I’m with you, hours feel like seconds. When we’re apart, days feel like years.

P/s: every time you smile, every time you blink, every time you look at me, I hated that those moments couldn’t last forever.

5. The Determinant: It feels good

Well, at this point, you start to understand or even learn to cherish their flaws, because those flaws are nothing compared to what they’ve done so far, which made your heart flutter. It feels great whenever you’re with them, even on stormy, gloomy days.

In summary

In fact, there is neither a definite checklist showing that you are in love nor a permanent rule on how long it takes to fall in love, because love cannot be defined by any means. We can only use groups of words to vaguely describe it: passionate, complicated, crazy and, yes, real. Some know they are “the one” from a single, first-sighted moment – ​​a miracle. But others can take months or even years of small steps to develop the feeling, so never hesitate too much. As long as you feel good when you’re with them, go with the flow until you’re ready to say the three words.

Hmm, I never said anything or showed any signs. I should have said or done something rather than that, I know: sad, but I chose to act like that because I knew he was the wrong one, even though I liked him. .. And if you’re reading this, thank you, thank you for being there.