Dating During Coronavirus: 5 Quarantine Date Ideas

Boring and tedious FaceTime calls have been your and your bae’s “date night” for the past three and a half months, and honestly, you’re completely done with it. You miss Saturday nights at your favorite local restaurants, watching the hottest movies at the theater… go for it out. Looking at each other’s faces through a bright phone screen describing your uneventful, monotonous summers is no longer enough. It’s time to change things.

You may think that leaving the house is the only option for you and your partner to have fun, but fear not! Here are five socially distant but nonetheless exciting and lively dates you can go on to minimize exposure to COVID-19 and maximize your relationship.

1. Take a virtual tour

Your families’ summer travel plans may have been postponed until next year, but who says you can’t vacation online? Visit the world and all its wonders together for free (and annoying siblings asking “Are we there already?”).

GloboTreks, a travel blog, provides links to over 45 virtual tours of all kinds, including those to renowned museums, famous landmarks, zoos and aquariums, and popular cities. Have you always dreamed of marveling at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, flying over a Hawaiian volcano, strolling through the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, or getting up close to a penguin? Now is your chance.

Thrillist, a lifestyle site, also offers digital adventures, such as a trip to Japan and Chile, a hike through the Great Wall of China, a view of Egyptian tombs and a 360-degree panorama of the best beaches. of white sand from the planet.

To embark on your journeys, connect on Zoom with one of you sharing the tour screen so you can both see it. It may sound cheesy, but dress up as cheesy tourists! Be creative and have fun with it!

2. Watch a movie

It’s definitely not the same as holding hands at the movies or snuggling up on the couch, but there are plenty of ways for you and your boyfriend/girlfriend to watch movies together from afar while keeping them together. making it interactive.

Do you both have a Netflix account? If so, you can download Netflix Party, a free Google Chrome extension for desktops and laptops that lets you and your friends watch TV shows and movies while communicating simultaneously. via the text box located on the right side of the screen.

myCircleTV is another available resource. The website is perfect for buying a movie from YouTube and sharing it with others by sending them a hyperlink. Not only can you talk by typing in the messaging feature, but you can also activate your microphone. The free “Squad” app incorporates the same features, plus access to your camera so you can actually see who you’re talking to and watching videos.

3. Plan a game night

Simple but full of laughter and friendly competition. If you want to go more old school, get Pictionary, charades, or a card game like “War” on Zoom. Maybe “truth or dare” if you’re feeling brave or running out of ideas.

Maybe you prefer to be a little more tech-savvy? Houseparty is just the app to download. You and Bae can play games such as “Trivia”, “Heads Up”, and “Magic 8-Ball” while video chatting at the same time.

Make your night more exciting by tracking how many wins you both end up with on today’s date. The partner with the fewest dubs must surprise the champion with a small box of treats at their front door (or you can create your own prize system!).

4. Start your study

Brainiac couples, this one’s for you. School is out, and while you can’t really challenge yourself with polyatomic ions for chemistry class anymore, there are tons of other ways to challenge yourself.

If you both practice the same faith, begin to grow spiritually together. On Zoom, study the holy book or share a YouTube video of a service held in a church/mosque/synagogue/temple/etc or of a religious speaker giving an insightful talk. Then reflect on what you have read/heard and how you can apply it to your own life.

You can take the more academic route and, for example, organize a mini book club. Collectively decide on a novel to delve into and set up a FaceTime schedule to discuss what you’ve read so far. Come prepared with questions, too!

For those interested in politics, watch lectures posted on YouTube delivered by your favorite conservative or liberal speakers via Zoom, then review what you learned, what you liked and hated, and how the information presented support or refute your arguments and opinions.

5. Dine by candlelight

Are you celebrating a birthday during confinement? Or maybe you just want to spice things up and treat yourself? Anyway, this date will not disappoint you.

First, have each of you dress formally, a look you would most likely do for a school dance. Then, once you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are ready to tap into your inner Gordon Ramsey, connect on Zoom or FaceTime to talk while creating your own meals. The confusion of cookbooks, messy hands and the chaos of the kitchen will make your evening memorable and full of humor.

When you’re done cooking, bring your dinners to the table. If you want to give it a silly, romantic twist, put some candles on either side of the call, and if you’re using Zoom, change your background screens to the bright lights of New York, the Eiffel Tower, or inside an exquisite restaurant.

Being apart for so long isn’t easy, but with a little creativity and imagination to spend time together, the face-to-face separation won’t seem so bad after all!