10 quick last-minute costumes for Halloween night

To say this has been a tough year would be a colossal understatement and with one of the most important elections in US history just days away, everyone is stressed to the max. Many of us haven’t had time to find the perfect Halloween costume, which adds to the stress we already feel, but don’t panic. I’ve got your back. Take a deep breath and check out this list of last-minute Halloween costume ideas.

1. Vampire

Let’s start with a classic. Even before the Twilight era spawned a new wave of vampire fans, people were already dressing up as these creatures of the night. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find things in your closet that will suit the vampire aesthetic. Dark clothes and silver jewelry should do the trick. Dust off clothes and accessories from your high school goth phase, find fake blood and vampire teeth, and you’ll look fantastic!

2. Little Red Riding Hood

The look of this storybook character is easy to replicate. Just throw on a red hoodie (or use sheets if you’re really in a hurry) over a simple dress and you’re good to go. If you need a cool wicker basket, try going to your local store and check out the fall decor section. And if you want to take it a step further, you can pick up some goodies to put in your basket to complete the look. Let’s hope the Big Bad Wolf doesn’t smell them!

3. The Scooby-Doo Gang

Luckily for us last-minute costume shoppers, Mystery Inc.’s famous teenagers wear very simple outfits as they take down the bad guys and unmask the maniacs. If you wanted to replicate Velma’s look, find a comfy orange sweater and a cute red skirt. Add orange socks and a pair of goggles and you’re officially the brains of the team. If you wanted to go shaggy, it’s as easy as putting on a green T-shirt and khakis. For those of you with a dog, your canine companion will make the perfect Scooby-Doo.

4. Beetlejuice/Mime/Referee

If you have a black and white striped shirt hanging in your closet, you’re in luck. There’s more than one different costume you can do with this. Pair the t-shirt with a green wig or temporary hair dye, and you’re Tim Burton’s iconic Beetlejuice character. Do you have a black beret and white gloves? Congratulations, you are now a mime straight out of the streets of Paris. If you don’t feel these two costumes, get your hands on a nice whistle and become a sports referee.

5. Cute animal

As they said in Mean Girls, a cute outfit with animal ears counts as a Halloween costume. You can find animal ears in just about any store right now. Whether you want to dress in all black and become the (un)lucky cat or don an all-white ensemble and become a fluffy bunny, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just make sure to dress in layers so you don’t get too cold. No one wants to get sick right now.

6. Thing 1 and Thing 2

It’s a great idea for a couple’s costume or if you want to have a blast with your best friend. All you really need is a red T-shirt and a name tag. You can even cut out a white circle, write Thing 1 or Thing 2 on it, and stick it on your shirt. If you can find a fluffy blue wig, great. If not, a bit of blue hair chalk or temporary hair dye will bring the outfit together.

7. Witch

Another Halloween classic. Whether you want to play as one of Hocus Pocus’ infamous Sanderson sisters or the famous Wicked Witch of the West, being a Halloween witch is both easy and standard. To be your typical witch you’ll need a black dress and a witch hat which, again, you can find in just about any store right now. If you really want to steal the show, a little green makeup will make you stand out. Pull the broom out of your hall closet and you’ll be good to go!

8. royalty

Raise your hand if you’ve ever imagined wearing a crown and ruling a country. From various princesses in Disney movies to real-life royal families, princes and princesses are everywhere in pop culture. And while it can be difficult to find a costume for your favorite Disney princess at the last minute, don’t let that stop you from being your own princess, even if just for one night. Find your best dress, your most precious jewels and an eye-catching crown and you will be the bell of the ball.

9. Magician

Halloween night is all about making magic happen, right? So what better costume to find at the last minute than a magician. With a black jacket and black top hat, you’ll look flawless as you dazzle the audience with your card tricks. With the wave of a magic wand, you can win a costume contest without breaking the bank or worrying about your outfit.

10. Angel/ Devil

It all depends on whether you want to give tricks or treats on Halloween. If you want to be a force for good, then find white clothes and a nice pair of wings. You can create your own halo with yarn and paint too. Add some sparkly makeup and you’ll be looking angelic in no time. On the other hand, if you know you won’t do any good that night, then go ahead and let your inner demon out. Put on some scorching clothes and take a quick trip to the store to find devil horns and your very own pitchfork. If there’s one night a year to show off your bad side, it’s Halloween.

At the end of the day, even if you don’t have the time or the money to look for a super cool Halloween costume this year, that doesn’t mean you have to miss dressing up. Your closet might just become your best source of inspiration for finding a thrifty and unique suit. So have fun with it and enjoy the night. Leave all the stress for November 3 and try to relax this weekend. Fill your stomach with chocolate and candy apples, or even candy corn and black licorice if you like it (I know I am!).