5 brands to channel your inner “dream girl”

My confidence revolves around my outfit and my style. If I look good, I feel good. If I look expensive, I feel Dear. What I wear doesn’t even have to be super expensive; it might be $10 at an Instagram thrift store, or it might be something I hid my work money for to save up.

As we enter a new year, preparing for the world to return to almost normal in the wake of the incoming vaccine, I’ve decided that 2021 will be the year to really expand my wardrobe and find an aesthetic that I considered timeless. version of my own style.

I considered this style a “dream girl” style.

So what is a Dreamgirl?

I’m not talking about a “dream girl” in the context of a significant other, but rather in the vision of yourself. For me, a dreamgirl is the embodiment of the feminine. Confident and timeless, a “dreamgirl” energy radiates sophistication.

A dreamgirl knows what she wants and goes for it.

I love the recent revival of old and delicate European aesthetics, led by influencers like Mina Marlena and Sophie Suchan. I think it offers a unique form of confidence in your style. Here are some brands I looked to to create that energy; and fair warning, the sales section is 100% your friend here. It was mine.

Realization By

Founded by Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot in 2015, Realization Par is a brand that calls its customers “Dreamgirls”. The exclusive, online-only collection is fluid, floral and irrevocably on-trend.

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What is unique about Realization By is that it is not a passing fad; the brand has regularly released different versions of the same pieces since its inception, but it hasn’t lost its appeal with high-profile celebrities and even the public. They have everything from bodycon maxi dresses to baby tees to silk cropped briefs. vogue even named their pieces the “dresses of the decade.”

Their collaboration with Elton John, with 5% of the proceeds going to the Elton John charity, has become a huge brand success.

The patterned pieces are made from a soft silk blend, perfect for everything from a summer day to a slightly chilly beach and winter night. Their pieces have been seen on TV in Euphoria, and on many popular influencers and celebrities like Kaia Gerber and Hailey Baldwin Bieber.


The womenswear brand founded in 2013 has since enjoyed huge commercial success, and thanks to a series of collaborations in 2019 and 2020 with brands like Target and Superga, the brand has established itself on the fashion scene as a unique type of ethereal. LoveShackFancy is inspired by romantic New York vintage, drawing on the style of the founder.

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Gingham dresses, pastels and lace dominate their collections; some of their pieces, like the tiered Gwen dress, are more iconic and versatile, while silhouettes of long silk slips and intricate tulles offer a whole different aesthetic.

For love and lemons

For Love and Lemons is one of those brands that is so impeccably feminine that you want to frolic in a meadow while feeling super confident. The brand offers product lines ranging from lightweight floral print dresses to beautifully sophisticated lace bustiers. After a collaboration with Victoria’s Secret and a foray into athleisure with a pastel-floral line, the brand increasingly established itself in an industry in which it was already enjoying some success.

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Pieces like the Carissa midi dress are feminine with an edge, while this lace bustier is much more timeless. The Los Angeles-based brand has also recently bolstered its promise of sustainability and upholding worker privilege, and with a new line made entirely from recycled fabric, For Love and Lemons is the quintessential dream brand.

Sabo Skirt

The Sabo skirt is arguably one of the more affordable options on this list, but it uses many of the same aesthetics as the other brands featured. Sabo was founded in 2011 by Brisbane best friends Thessy and Yiota, and after a few years of being a small fashion blog and vintage dealer, Sabo Skirt has become a social media phenomenon rooted in the dreamgirl aesthetic. Their pieces have the same lace and pastel base as LoveShackFancy’s skirts, but at a price significantly lower price point.

Sabo has also been very open about his sustainability journey and his charity work. Their exclusive collections are all designed and produced in Australia, and their headquarters are completely solar powered! All of their packaging is also biodegradable, and they assure customers that they work to ensure conditions in their production facilities are good for workers.

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There is also something for every event! The Rae Dress is perfect for a beachside brunch, and the Rouge Slip Maxi is perfect for a prom or formal event. Their matching top and skirt sets, like the Riviera set, exude the same energy without sacrificing comfort. If you’re looking for something a little less formal for a day out, they also have lounge sets and simple basics to wear all the time.

Vintage & Thrift

Obviously, this aesthetic is rooted in a style that’s been around for a while, and many of these brands draw inspiration from vintage and used pieces. If your bank account can’t take the hit, no worries! You can find pieces like these at almost any thrift store, online or in person.

Platforms like Etsy and Instagram are full of brands that are entirely resale-based, which means you can definitely find a lot of these pieces for less. Na Nin Vintage, an Instagram-based resale site, sells sophisticated and simple pieces priced between $20 and $50. Awoke Vintage Brooklyn, a brick-and-mortar store in New York but now selling on Instagram, also offers one-of-a-kind pieces at a lower price. You can find old corsets, long dresses and lots of trendy pieces at places like Goodwill, Plato’s Closet and smaller local stores!

Plus, resale sites like Depop are covered in super-discount pieces from these brands, so take a good look there.

The aura of a Dreamgirl

Of course, no matter what clothes you wear, the will have and energy is what really makes a dreamgirl. Embodied in confidence, the dreamgirl aesthetic works on self-love and self-esteem. Maintaining that energy is key to rocking that aesthetic and, in all honesty, if you vibe more with the House of Sunny fur coats or the OMIGHTY graphic-baby-tee-with-jeans, you just need the trust and you have already understood everything.