Bye Bambi is the ultimate chic and sustainable fashion line’s dream

A chic and dreamy clothing line based in Australia with absolutely beautiful and durable items, Bye Bambi is quite the aesthetic paradigm.

Meet Bye Bambi

Andi is the young local fashion designer who opened Bye Bambi in 2018, operating out of two factories in Melbourne and Canggu, Bali. The brand is proud of their existence in terms of “the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

In 2020, the Bye Bambi team made the decision to no longer release collections, releasing items in smaller drops and offering pre-orders, with the aim of reducing overproduction and avoiding textile waste. All Bye Bambi orders are also now sent using fully compostable postage envelopes and labels, with a switch to 100% sustainable packaging in the near future.

As the world adapts and changes, Bye Bambi strives to not only adapt to it, but to help, improve, and create a better place than we left it. We understand that we have a long way to go, but we hope that you will accompany us on our journey.”

Good bye Bambi

When asked how the brand came about, Andi replies: “My grandmother Lynette was an amazing seamstress who made the most beautiful wedding dresses, she hated using patterns and cut everything freehand relying only on his mind for direction. the memories lie in taking a 2-hour line train to Ballarat (a country town outside of metropolitan Melbourne) to spend the weekend learning to sew with her as a youngster curious child.”

From there, the rest is history!

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Bye Bambi is the exact embodiment of a daydream. When asked what the brand stands for, Andi has a clear answer:

“Uniqueness, inspiration and empowerment.”

“Since then, I was sewing my own clothes, drawing countless doodles and sketches and letting my brain imagine. Eventually, after the right door opened, I had the opportunity to test my passion and I launched the Bye Bambi brand.”

The design process

“My overall design process can sometimes seem quite scattered and messy, however, the core of it can be seen across three main platforms. My sketchbook (which often takes the form of loose A4 sheets or the back of a ‘a lined paper), the folder on my iPhone titled ‘Clothing Inspiration’ and my main design folder,” Andi explains.

“The streamlined process continues from an idea that could come from touching a new fabric or driving mindlessly in the car, drawing pen to paper in my book or the closest piece of paper I can find , to look through the thousands of photos in my inspiration folder to find all the relevant research and reference images, to collate and edit all of this information into an organized, Photoshop-annotated document to add to the main design folder.

Interest in the fashion industry

So how did Andi’s dive into the fashion industry begin?

“By the events detailed in question 1, in addition to undertaking art, fashion and media studies at school and allowing myself to be inspired and creatively inclined,” she replies.


Sustainability is a core value of Bye Bambi, with each of their items made to ethical standards.

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Their ideal version of the future includes an entirely ethical fashion industry – you can’t empower one person while exploiting them.

“This year we introduced 100% compostable and recycled packaging (it’s pretty and pink too), as well as compostable postage labels. We made an effort to source and select fabrics made from fibers recycled where possible, however, this is something we will continue to improve and prioritize as it can be quite difficult to choose the least environmentally harmful fabric while maintaining our design standards,” says Bye Bambi “We have recently hired someone who will help us with this and will continue to seek and seek expert advice.”

A typical day

“A day at Bye Bambi’s head office would involve packing and shipping orders, customer service, inventory and sample management (to ensure our garments are kept in beautiful, safe conditions), design and marketing meetings, sending public relations packages, collaborating with our clothing manufacturers, fabric sourcing, mood board and content creation, product or campaign shootings, etc.” writes Bye Bambi.

A busy day filled with fashion!

inspirational prints

Bye Bambi’s inspiration draws from a range of diverse ideas:

“Bambi, the darling of Disney (hence the name of my dog ​​Bambi, hence the name of my brand Bye Bambi), [is where I am inspired from]remarks Andi, “Disney in general [is also one.] Beautiful Hadid. Models of the 80s. Old catwalks. Alexander McQueen. I draw my inspiration everywhere, it’s not necessarily fashionable; it could be a movie or a work of art or even a butterfly.”

Dream collab

When asked what dreams of future collaboration they have, a Bye Bambi-inspired figure is also a hopeful possibility.

“Bella Hadid,” replies Bye Bambi, pointing to the well-known model also for her taste for fashion.

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In the future

You had to know: Is there anything in store for Bye Bambi, like a showcase or a collaboration?

“Bye Bambi will continue to be online for the foreseeable future, with the exception of my Chapel Street studio/office,” says Andi, “I plan to open my studio’s garage door for occasional screenings and pop-ups after Covid -19. Yet, one day, I would like to open a concept store in New York.”

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A personal favorite piece

“My favorite piece doesn’t exist yet, it’s beautiful, under construction and coming soon,” Andi says.

“I’m often full of design ideas and excited about the future. It’s a very special feeling to have an idea that doesn’t exist outside of your mind until you work on it. process to make it a reality. My favorite pieces are most often those that are yet to come, as they most accurately reflect my growth as a designer.”

Carry on with Bye Bambi

Be sure to visit the store here.

To browse their dreamlike Instagram aesthetic, find them @byebambi_!