Affordable and Adorable Pops of Color: The Beauty Shelf Essentials You Need

Everyone knows that makeup is never complete without a little color. Your cheek and lip tint is what could pull the look together nicely, but sometimes finding the right shade can be tricky.

Finding the perfect shade from rosy pink to playful coral, all the way to bright cherry red…the choice can be a dilemma; but fret no more, because products from Incredible Cosmetics have pops of color ready to jazz up your glam.

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About INC.redible Cosmetics

Sister brands to Nails Inc., Britain’s largest beauty brand, INC.redible Cosmetics is a cruelty-free and 100% vegan establishment with stores all over the world. This soon to be your favorite beauty brand is currently on the shelves of Sephora USA, Canada and France, as well as Superdrug UK.

Their Instagram, @incrediblecosmetics, really shows the epitome of pops of color available in-store: lots and lots of delicious and alluring shades of pink hues.

When it comes to choosing shades for your look, when it comes to lips, cheeks and eyes, INC.redible Cosmetics has everything you need. Their Three Love Sticks and Jammy Lips were personally a go-to for me – and I was blown away to say the least.

three sticks of love

Using a multitude of different items separately for your eyes, lips and cheeks is now a thing of the past. The Three Love Stick is the most innovative product to bring color to your look, with a lot of grace and playfulness with its colors.

It’s all about versatility: one product that touches three different areas is a total change of scenery.

It comes in a variety of four pleasing shades that appeal to all skin tones: It’s Gotta Be Love, Peach and Love, Bio to Boho and Free Lovin.

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I tried Bio to Boho, Gotta be Love and Free Lovin’.

From organic to bohemian is your dusty rose shade that isn’t so dull. When I applied it to my cheeks for blush I was so impressed with how Natural and real it seemed! I will never go back to another cream blush stick again! It exceeded all my expectations and is perfect for your effortless beauty products.

It must be Love is your lighter, pinker version of Bio to Boho. The ombre is what you think of when the image of slightly berry-stained lips comes to mind. This shade would perfectly complement a more cute/adorable look!

Free love is much darker than the shades above – consider dark cherries for this one. The mood of this shade is that of a midnight party and one that draws a mysterious aura. I know what shade I’m going to use for the night!

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HUMP DAY HERO ALERT 🚨 Need a makeup bag saviour? 💕 Try Three Love – 3 in 1 Beauty Balm for eyes, lips and cheeks ✨ Shop online at, coming soon to @sephora 🇺🇸

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Review of Three Loves:

What I like the most about Three Love is that you can knock out all the lips, cheeks and eyelids with just one product.

This is actually, seriously, my new favorite color product of all time. The material is creamy and matte, and is so easy to apply! All you have to do is gently slide the tube over the desired area, and voila! To blend for the perfect natural color, just use your fingertips to circle them.

I love love, to like the final visualization after application of the product. I can’t stress enough that Three Love brings naturalness to the table. It won’t look like it has an excessive amount of obvious blush, and it brings in the exact amount of popping blush.

It’s like you don’t have makeup on too – it’s extremely light on your face, and honestly, after a few hours I forgot I even had makeup on in the first place! This point here is a real gem, as often with cream-based products, many find they can feel it melting onto their face. With Three Love, you can say goodbye to this fear!

Three Love is also incredibly hydrating and moisture protecting for your skin. This stick is rich in shea butter for an easy glide on your skin and keeping it soft and pleasant!

jammy lips

Chapped lips are terrible, and the lack of color on your lips is terrible too. With Jammy Lips, you can eliminate both of these problems with just one swipe of these nourishing, tinted lip balms.

Jammy Lips is available in Slow Jamz, Fruity Feels, Squeeze Me and When Life Gives You Fruit shades.

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I tried Squeeze Me and Fruity Feels shades.

Crush me is like a light young soul type shade. It’s the definition of summer frolicking in the field of flowers! This shade brings a light strawberry sheen to your lips. The product itself has no glitter, but with its almost more glossy than matte quality, the light will appear to sparkle.

Fruity scents is a much more mature tone of burnt apricot undertone. This shade is definitely a lot bolder than Squeeze Me! It will enhance dramatic tones and match a more mellow shade of red/pink!. This too will leave a shiny effect on your lips that will last you all day, all night!

Jammy Lips Review:

I would say Jammy Lips is more of a lipstick than a lip balm. It is also more glossy than matte. Although not sticky, this product will stay in place for sure. I loved that the Jammy Lips didn’t fade in a few hours. I could assure you that even after your dinners, your work or your studies, he will still be there. He could really stay all day!

It shows you’re wearing beauty products with this lip line, but it’s definitely a show-stopper with its beautiful, rich hues. The colors especially bring a lot of attention to your lips!

Another big winning point for this is that it is not transparent in any form. This opaque lip product will glide easily over your lips and with each layer of application, you have the power to control its intensity.

It’s also chap-proof: Incredible Cosmetics writes that it’s packed with so many factors for getting soft lips!

Plump and soft to the touch color, oozing with hydration, enriched with vitamin E, acting as a protective shield, preventing the lips from chapping. The texture is similar to that of rich summer fruits simmering before being made into jam. The applicator is designed with simplicity in mind.

INC.redible Cosmetics well deserves its praise

I’m singing the praises that won’t stop for this amazing brand (no pun intended) – it really deserves the hype. This cruelty-free and vegan brand offers you many colors that you really need to have on your beauty shelf.

Shades of colors:

The colors, tints and shades are adorable and truly one of a kind. They will perfectly match your skin to bring you a perfectly choker look to your face. To blend the Three Love into my cheeks and lids, I simply used my fingertips, although a brush could also be applied.

I also have to mention again how effortless you can apply these products to create a perfectly balanced look without overdoing it, which is unbelievable!

Beauty for all:

There are no limits when it comes to skin tones – these beauty items will complement you perfectly! Inc.redible Cosmetics believes in beauty for everyone, and you’ll find shades that complement you perfectly – and whose boldness you can easily control!

It’s affordable, too:

Prices start at just $10 for in-store items at Incredible Cosmetics. That’s what I call stealing!

Each Three Love Stick is only $12 and each Jammy Lips Tint Stick is also only $12. Those must-have items you need having won’t break your bank – what more!


Be sure to follow their products on Instagram @incrediblecosmetics and use the hashtag #beyourincredibleself to show off your amazing beauty looks!

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