College Outfit Ideas: A Complete Fall Lookbook for Frosh

As fall approaches, many students are eager to be on college campuses. While the first day of college is a clear picture of ambivalence, you don’t want to ruin it by not feeling your best in your outfit. It is the first factor that controls how you feel and your self-confidence. That’s enough for you to put on those reading glasses and dive into this selection of the best on-trend OOTD (Outfit of the Day) looks to rock the fall of your freshman year!

The everyday look

College is free with a busy schedule, not to mention the many deadlines. While you’re working on the program and navigating the new life ahead of you, you surely don’t want to spend too much energy deciding what to wear! This is where a cool yet creative everyday look comes into motion. There are certain basics that you can play with and create new looks. Listed for you, here are some basic items that you absolutely MUST have in your wardrobe:

  • White Tshirt

When it comes to experimenting with your look, a white t-shirt (notice my words, WHITE t-shirt) is a surefire one. It goes with almost any look, complementing contrasting shades. Wear it with mom jeans or even with a pair of flared denim pants; tuck them in or give it a chunky look by wearing an oversized graphic design. Walk around campus wearing white sneakers and minimal accessories!

  • Checked jacket

During fall, neither light nor warm clothes turn out to be your best deal. The need is to wear something that gives you just enough warmth in the morning, without making you regret the decision by wearing it before noon. Plaid jackets are your savior for sure. Slip them on over a white turtleneck, pair them with a contrasting hoodie or simply opt for a tank top!

  • Sweater

When it comes to sweaters, there are many ways to wear them. Whether it’s a hot or cold day, a sweater dress will suffice your needs. I usually prefer pastel or brown tones, but you have plenty of room to go around and try new colors! Pair it with knee-high boots and you’re ready to shine through the fall foliage in your go-to outfit! Key trends include the cropped cardigan, which elevates any OOTD look when paired with flared jeans. It is as eternal as the moon and the stars, and builds a pleasing look, eclipsing basic cardigans with great finesse.

  • Flared jeans/mom

While you should definitely keep a close eye on choosing the right upper body clothes, you still can’t ignore the need to brush your lower body clothes on par. Flare and mom jeans are the need of the hour, upgrading even boring looks. Although the dimensions and detailed style are up to you, I personally prefer a high waist, and the shrink goes down flared jeans with skinny long sleeve tops.

The Cozy Clan

Many girls have lived in the “Ideal Outfit” bubble for a long time; it’s just as true as Hogwarts – we want it to exist, but unfortunately it’s utopian. Revealing lots of skin is just another bubble that many assume defines beauty. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the fashion world has come. You can still wear clothes that not only make you look stylish, but also maintain your comfort level! At the top of the list is our all-time favourite: the sweatshirt! When in doubt, opt for denim jeans, flat trainers and a plain sweatshirt, accessorized with a generous amount of jewellery. Hoodies are another close variant that you can group into the “comfortable clothes” club.

Dark Academia is major

As the name suggests, dark academia has a lot to do with dark undertones – specifically transcending nudes to brown pastels and undertones. To reiterate, creating a dark college look is a walk in the park, but you have to be careful with shades. If black college was a kingdom, turtlenecks would have ruled the empire! You can wear them as nuanced nudes; white, black or brown shades also look great. For the perfect outfit, start with a tight black turtleneck top, a camel brown plaid skirt, throw on a lightweight plaid blazer and wear it with a pair of raven black mary janes. And now, everything is ready for fall!


Drug in jeans

Denim isn’t just a garment, it’s a statement you make about your style. From a denim dress to pants, you can never be at fault wearing them. An all-time favorite in denim is the denim jacket. If you have the essentials in your wardrobe and want to revamp your boring basics, the denim jacket is your best deal! Wear it with belted trousers, look great in a floral dress, pair it with a t-shirt and finish with white trainers. Not to mention that denim jackets are available in different colors. So it’s up to you to make your choice. For reference, here’s a collage of some of the colors I love!

There you go, all done and dusted off – that’s a summary for this article, but certainly not for your idyllic fashion! In fact, make it the start of revamping your staple wardrobe and taking it to new heights, all without overdoing it. Get ready for this fall and start college smart with these looks!