Dainty Basics is a Pinterest dream, except it won’t break the bank

If you’re looking for *those* aesthetic cuts you see all over Pinterest, Dainty Basics is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

With quality items at such affordable prices that won’t break the bank, Dainty Basics is completely legit and exactly what you need.


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Maya Blue Argyle Sweater

First of all, not only is this sweater adorable and on-trend, but it’s actually really high quality.

The fabric is very thick and the inside has also been knitted so that there are no scratches. It is soft and feels very comfortable!

As seen in the image, the sweater has an argyle pattern which comes in navy blue, light blue and white colors. The coloring is on point without any variations and the pattern is also exactly the same.

There’s no cropping on this sweater, though it’s neither too long nor too short – the perfect coverage length.

Favorite Points

Thick fabric – very comfortable and perfect for colder days.

Inside Knit – not only the outer side is good quality, but also the inside!

Long sleeves – thick navy sleeves.

Essential for the cold season

This sweater is the perfect must-have for this coming time, with a cute look and quality that will exceed your expectations.

This is one size, but it should be a size that caters for both smaller and larger sizes.

To purchase the Maya Blue Argyle Sweater, get it here for $26 USD.
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Pastel Fuzzy Check Cardigan

This cropped cardigan is available in three different colors: blue, pink and purple, all in pastel shades. The light blue is exactly as it appears in the photo below – in fact, the cardigan is 100% identical to the picture.

While the harvest may be a bit higher than expected, the rest is completely the same. (Crop covers about 3/5 of the torso.)

The texture of the fabric is light and super soft to the touch like a feather. However, the fuzz won’t drop off, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Buttons are very easy to slide in and out and are well sized for closure. The quality of the whole cardigan is wonderful!

Favorite Points

Fuzzy feeling: the the sweetest cardigan you’ll never feel.

Crop Top: perfect to pair with high-waisted jeans (underneath…)

No-Loose Sleeves: The sleeves are not loose and will fit perfectly around your arms.

The cutest top for a look

I would recommend going up a size if you are discussing fit. Also, since it is a crop, the sizing would allow for more coverage.

Get the pastel fuzzy plaid cardigan for $28 USD here.

High waisted cargo jeans

These jeans are so comfortable and light. Plus they have a bunch of pockets that are real!

The high waisted cargo jeans are perfectly loose without being too baggy. The color is a light blue that isn’t too light, and overall it looks exactly like the picture at the bottom.

Like its namesake, it’s quite high-waisted, although it can ride a bit higher than the image below.

These jeans are perfect to pair with any outfit and are the go-to anytime, anywhere!

Favorite points

Loose cut: does not stick to you!

Pockets: those on the sides of the legs are very real, as well as the pockets on the hips and at the back.

Not heavy: these jeans are quite light and not thick enough, although they are suitable for the colder days ahead!

Essential jeans for anywhere

Regarding the size, if you are:

2~4 in US size, go for a small.

4~6 in US size, go for medium.

Anything above, go for the big one!

Get yours here for US$36.

Blue denim patchwork jeans

Patchwork jeans are all the rage these days, and being the trendy caterer, Dainty Basics is here to bring it to you at a more affordable price.

The patches of the jeans are well put together, so you don’t have to worry about fraying. The color contrast is stronger, as in the image below, but that doesn’t take away from the style!

It’s light, but not as light as high waisted cargo jeans. It is thick enough for the cold season and the material is strong enough.

The Blue Denim Patchwork Jeans most closely resembles the image below:

Favorite Points

Fit Style: It tends to fit tighter and the top part of the jeans then comes straight out the bottom.

Plain Back, Patch Front: While the front has the patchwork design, the back is a solid dark blue color.

Clear Back Pockets: Both back pockets are in a lighter shade.

Essential jeans for anywhere

As for sizing, ascend! You might even consider going up a size two.

Especially if you’re going for a less restrictive fit, a larger size would help.

To learn more about Dainty Basics jeans, click here!

Want to learn more about Dainty Basics? The Teen Magazine reached out to brand owners with some general questions to learn more about their business:

The Beginning of Dainty Basics

How did you come to start this business?

We wanted to create a brand full of fashionable clothes marketed to the Gen-z audience. Our goal is to help people express their own style through cute yet affordable clothing. Since then, we have been striving to provide good quality products, which was only possible due to our team’s efficient product research. We have proven that our products have been loved by our audience as we deliver thousands of orders over the past few months.


How does your brand aesthetic communicate your identity?

As a small business owner, we believe our brand and style should appeal to our audience who each have different tastes and aesthetics. We have items that match our brand personality as well as our customers.

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5 Words for Tricky Basics

If you could choose five words to describe your business aesthetic, which words would best describe Dainty Basics?

Trendy, Indie, Y2k, Aesthetic and Grunge. We try to accommodate a diverse set of styles!


What new items do you plan to include in the Dainty Basics store soon?

Since the weather is getting quite chilly and the holiday season is approaching, we plan to add more fall/winter pieces. This includes sweaters, hoodies, baggy pants and more! Thus, you can wear elegant outfits while wearing warm and comfortable clothes.

Delivery delay

Usually, how long does it take for shipping?

Due to the busy holiday season, shipping currently takes around 15-25 days. We currently ship worldwide to most countries. Order delivery time is divided into two parts, which includes processing time and shipping time. You can read more information about shipping on our site!

Personal favorite parts

Your favorite from the store?

One of our favorite pieces right now are our Argyle knit sweaters which come in three different patterns. They are perfect for fall/winter and are one of our best selling items. You can style them by wearing a white collar underneath or a turtleneck, paired with a tennis skirt or your favorite pair of jeans.

Plus, we’ve been obsessed with our new ’90s-inspired brown corduroy pants that our customers seem to love too. Browns and neutral tones have currently become popular within the fashion community and are perfect for fall looks!

Carry on!

Check out Dainty Basics here at @daintybasics. They have a cool and useful virtual style that you might love!

To follow their TikTok, find them here on @daintybasics. They have videos of the items that you can see virtually through the video!

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