Dominate Denim Style & Invest in Our Planet with Triarchy: a Sincere Obsession

I’m a serious denim enthusiast, and I’ve sincerely just found the best pair of jeans that deserve all the hype in the world.

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect jeans- as I’m sure you are, too- and I’m overjoyed to be able to say I’ve truly found the “it” jeans: meet Triarchy.

Triarchy has everything that every denim shopper is looking for. It’s got the wow factor, sustainability, and unbeatable quality.

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This denim brand’s incredibly notable sustainability efforts, Real Women Real Denim community, and breathtaking quality are to be in love with.

Think of Triarchy as an investment: an investment for literally the best pair of the most flattering jeans ever- no exaggeration- and an investment for our planet.

Never Taking These Blue Straights Off

Okay, when I’m saying I’m obsessed with these jeans, obsessed doesn’t even cut how much I love them. Seriously- if I had to pick only one pair of jeans to be stranded on an island with, this one would be it.

Shop the Mid-Rise Straight Leg in Light Blue here.

Coming in a lighter variation of the medium shade, the Straight Leg is mid to high-waisted. I absolutely love how it didn’t feel too crazily high up to my waist, but still came up to just the right amount.

Something I noticed was how the waist didn’t feel too tight nor too loose and gave you breathing space. It also definitely helped that the fabric wasn’t scratchy and was of high quality and soft!

The waist can be completed with a golden-bronze button with an engraved Triarchy brand name. All buttons, as well as the labels, were made from recycled materials, which truly sticks to its sustainable efforts. I loved how the color of the buttons wasn’t an off-putting yellow shade and gave it just the perfect complementary match with subtlety.

As with most jeans, the Monroe has two side pockets as well as roomy back pockets. None of the pockets are fake- yes, all of them are real- which is definitely a bonus.

The jeans are made with 100% Organic Cotton with an inseam of 29 inches. It’s a little longer than most, but will fit average heights and will elongate the legs.

I most definitely have to mention how the feel of the denim itself is different from others.

This is what real denim feels like; I really want to say- Triarchy’s real denim jeans are truly worth the investment for fashion and the world. These jeans are so comfortable and just so lovable. Words can’t do it justice on how top-notch quality they are.

The Monroe has small textured fabric touches here and there that give it extra pizzazz. Most notably and eye-catching is the knee-placed cut, which featured multiple white threads crossing over (that won’t snap or fray, which is extremely exciting in the denim world.)

Not frayed, but not completely formal and clean-cut, the Straight Leg in Light Blue is perfect for everyday wear to any place.

We all want jeans that won’t stop our movements, and these Triarchy jeans really fit that criterion! What might be the softest yet sturdy fabric of real denim, the quality of the jeans is just truly remarkable.

Jeans that constrict our moves and grooves, step aside- the Triarchy Straight Leg is here.

Save The World By Wearing These Jeans

You might just be taking a step forward in saving our planet with these jeans… yes, really!

With this specific pair of jeans, you saved an equivalence of 526.1 days of drinking water, 11.6km of drinking emissions, 2598.8km hours of bulb energy- I mean, how cool is that?

The Monroe jeans were “made from organic cotton combined with ozone washing and nanobubbles [that] ensures that no one and no part of the environment is harmed in the process.”

The chill blue shade of these jeans was made using indigo, through Triarchy’s state-of-the-art technology where Ozone washing and nanobubble were incorporated to achieve this brilliant color. Want to know more about their process and efforts? Click here.

These jeans were also “made in a factory in Istanbul leading the way for sustainable denim manufacturing.”

How To Care

These quality jeans call for thoughtful care, as they aren’t your regular jeans. Not sure how to care for them? Triarchy recommends the following to ensure your jeans last forever and as long as possible:

  1. Try not to wash them if you can. “Only wash them if you have to,” Triarchy advises.
  2. Hand washing is preferred. However, if a machine must be used, only use cold wash!
  3. Hanging dry is best. Tumble dry is acceptable, but Triarchy highly suggests you hang dry to “maintains shape and longevity.”

“We are prone to over washing, which not only wastes water but slowly diminishes your jeans lifespan. Never use the dryer. Just don’t do it, ever! It’s slowly destroying your clothes,” writes Triarchy.

Perfect For Everyday

Triarchy’s Monroe Mid-Rise Straight Leg wins the straight jeans game. What might be the most flattering pair of jeans, these will look good on anyone and everyone.

These jeans are squat-proof, flexible, and don’t constrict your movements. All in all, these jeans really are the real investment any fashion cool-girl must have in their closet.

A Groovy High Leg Moment in White

In a gorgeous off-white ecru shade, the Fonda jeans are the perfect embodiment of the 70’s.

With wide flared legs that scream for attention, you’ll have an absolute blast with the stylish High Leg in White that not-so-subtlely is eye-catching in the best way possible.

Fashionistas, the Fonda jeans are for you!

Shop the High Rise Wide Leg here.

In an all-over solid color of creamy white, the shade of these jeans isn’t dull nor too bright. You might be shocked that this is the genuine, real, no-filter denim color- really!

The gorgeous off-white coloring is denim purity at its best. “No dyes, no washes, no chemicals, and no toxins,” promises Triarchy. With this, you’re ensuring that you truly are wearing denim that’s as close and authentic to nature as much as possible, all whist supporting sustainability.

The ecru shade makes it easy to style this with anything, such as a colorful graphic baby tee or a formal blazer and pullover match- any way you style it, the Fonda is all about business-casual.

These jeans are definitely high-waisted and flaunt them. It hugs your waist and bottom torso with a huge flare that gives a cool edge. What Triarchy calls a “tapered waist” and “fitted hips”, the Fonda will accentuate all the right places.

The fabric of the denim is “made from organic cotton combined with ozone washing and nanobubbles ensures that no one and no part of the environment is harmed in the process.” This organic cotton is so incredibly of high quality- once you try these on, you might just never go back to another; seriously, this fabric feel is just that good.

Your legs will feel free and the material is loose, while still maintaining space. It’s definitely a wide leg, and as we near the end of the jeans, it’ll get wider and wider that ends with a bang!

The long and wide jeans can definitely be a dare, but you’ll absolutely love how leg-focused and accentuating they are. They’ll make your legs look miles long, and will be the center of attention. Keep in mind these jeans come at an inseam of 30 inches- so these may be longer than most, which definitely gives attention to the flare moment.

I absolutely loved how genuinely flattering it was, and put a totally modern spin on a vintage piece.

Hey, sometimes a wide leg (especially with one so long) can be a risky move fashion-wise, but Triarchy scores again with the most naturally stunning jeans ever.

This, Too, Saves The World

Did you know that this product is Carbon Neutral? The CO2 emissions from making the Fonda “will be offset by CO2 savings” by supporting various projects, such as Karadere Wind Power (“A small scale wind power plant in Turkey, with a generation capacity of 16MW”), Garcia River Forest (“preserves the California Redwood Forests to come”), and clean drinking water utilizing Hydrologic to help more than 1 million Cambodian families gain access to water.

With the Fonda, did you know that you’re saving 510 days of drinking water, avoiding 5.1 miles of driving emissions, saving 2240.8 hours of bulb energy- an equivalence that helps us view denim in whole new light?

Also, if you’d like to see a new perspective of how much the Fonda is saving without the equivalences but rather the amount itself, tap the button slider to see the actual statistics provided by Green Story.

Want to learn more about ozone washing, nanobubbles, and tencel? Click here.

How To Care

Washing and tumbling go the same for these pair of jeans, too. Another tip would be to:

“Machine wash in cold water. Tumble or hang dry. (We don’t love the dryer because the dryer breaks fibers down and shortens the life of your clothes.)”

These jeans were also “made in a factory in Istanbul leading the way for sustainable denim manufacturing.” To learn more about the manufacturing process, visit the sustainability page.

Throwback But Timeless

The Fonda is a total vintage throwback but keeps it contemporary with a twist to its style. These jeans are a total timeless piece that remains a must-have staple for any wardrobe.

With accentuated high waist and miles-long, exaggerated legs, The Fonda is a dream.

What are you waiting for? The ’70s are calling your name!

Sustainability is a Core Focus

“It takes approximately 2,900 gallons of water to make just one (!!!) pair of traditional cotton jeans. Triarchy sets out to change that.”

Carbon Neutral & More

Triarchy is completely carbon neutral. Not only that, carbon is only just the top of the surface when it comes to how much Triarchy is contributing- with these brand jeans, you’re also “investing in projects that promise stronger communities, cleaner skies and greener Earth!”

It’s All From Real Nature

Also, as I keep saying- the fabric feel of the Triarchy denim is sincerely like no other. I’ve just never felt any jeans so comfortable, quality, and flattering as much as them. Turns out, this may be because of the fibres Triarchy puts much consideration into.

“We source responsibly farmed fibres that are then woven into sustainably produced and dyed denim fabrics. Our supply chain is 3rd party audited and published by Retraced,” states Triarchy.

Additionally, Triarchy opts to use organic cotton, which reduces and completely eliminated the step of toxic chemicals and pesticides used to cultivate cotton. These jeans are really from the natural gift of Mother Earth!

Tencel may be something new to you, but in the sustainable world of denim, it is very much a wonderful option. “Tencel is a fabric that is made from a natural fibre derived from breaking down trees into pulp and spinning the pulp fi-bre into a soft, durable textile.” This fabric can help decrease the amount of water that it needs to grow than cotton by 85%.

Did you know that Triarchy is the world’s first plastic-free stretch jeans? This is made possible by using natural rubber, and you’d be shocked by how much “regular” jeans are contributing to the ocean’s microplastics.

This is just a glimpse of the sustainable efforts made by Triarchy. There’s the further dye process, involving indigo and clay, as well as wash processes that involve ozone wash, nanobubbles, and laser.

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Efforts That Make Waves

“To us, sustainability means building a business that can operate sustainably as well as create sustain-able products. If we aren’t paying a living wage and supporting human and animal rights then we aren’t sustainable,” says Triarchy.

The efforts are thorough and through and through; it’s genuinely so moving and heartfelt. To learn more about Triarchy’s sustainability approach, click here.

“Triarchy exists to outfit our customer with the best pair of jeans possible. In every sense of the word best,” writes Triarchy. Best is definitely a word I would correlate with Triarchy. It just simply is so well done!

Triarchy Gives Back

Triarchy is currently supporting two organizations:

Isla Urbana builds and installs rainwater catchment systems for people in an around Mexico City without access to water. Triarchy contributes a portion from each sale to Isla Urbana.

One Tree Planted: Triarchy plants a tree for every pair of jeans sold.”

No One Does It Better

With all honesty, I don’t think I’ve ever come across such beautifully-done authentic denim yet.

In all ways, these jeans hit the right spots in all the places you need and accentuate curves and legs. What might be the most flattering pair of jeans ever, I’m beyond excited for you to try them too- they sincerely are a must!

Triarchy is completely dominating the denim style game, incomparable quality, all while benefiting our planet in efforts that cannot go unnoticed. Talk about the perfect investment to last for years!

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