The delicate jewels of gorjana are to live: timeless pieces for the summer season

The one thing that has remained constant throughout the decades of fashion is our love for delicate staple jewelry. Time and again, intricate charm bracelets and simplistic earrings always reappear on the fashion radar.

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It’s easy to see why; Not only are they easy to style with just about anything, but they also make an outfit look truly complete. There’s seriously a good reason why delicate, minimalist pieces never go out of style!

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect earrings to pair with a floral blouse or the perfect layered necklace for a mini dress, gorjana has it all. Whatever the outfit, gorjana’s timeless yet unique styles will make your look shine brighter than the summer sun.

From classic gold staples to dainty necklaces to eye-catching earrings, gorjana’s pieces aim to enjoy the simplicity of life while adorning you with beauty, quality and self-love.

Symbolizing forever and ever

If you’re looking for the perfect sentimental touch to jewelry, the Wilshire Charm Necklace will capture your heart. This beautiful necklace features an intertwined charm, with two delicate bands linked together as one.

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The Wilshire Charm Adjustable Necklace features two bands (one large, one tiny) in a gentle embrace connected to a thin, delicate chain. With the adjustable closure, you can adjust the piece to whatever length you want it to sit on, from the collarbone to even a choker look.

Due to its simplicity and beauty, this modern necklace is perfect for pairing with many of your other classic necklaces to create an eye-catching look. I love layering this necklace with other charm necklaces or even dainty chain necklaces.

I love how neutral this necklace is; it looks great with just about any outfit and any occasion. He also has such a wonderful quality; the metallic shade of the charm is neither too yellow nor too pale and has just the right shade.

The perfect gift for your partner, best friend or loved one, the Wilshire Charm Necklace literally underlines the comforting charm it has.

Delicate and delicate charms

Everyone needs a signature choker, and this is the ultimate dream choker. The Chloe Mini Choker is the definition of femininity, and I’m completely obsessed with all of its little details.

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I love this delicate choker; From the highly ornate center of the piece to the sparsely spaced charms, this choker is all about attention to detail. The charms look like delicate gold coins and are connected by circular gold bands.

It’s the perfect piece to wear on a day at the beach; when it is in the sun, the gold of the necklace simply sparkles and will take your breath away.

The thin and refined style of the mini choker makes it perfectly compatible with other necklaces, ranging from delicate to full of charm. But, as gorjana says, “yet its patterned chain allows it to stand on its own in style. The adjustable feature makes styling easy.”

Sometimes less is more, and this choker proves it exactly. Its beautiful miniature charms and delicate chains make it a classic yet unique piece. Plus, its all-around versatility makes this piece an everyday staple, and it’s stylish without being over the top!

Clean and Classic Huggies

Every girl needs a pair of classic clasp-style earrings, and the Rose Huggies are the perfect starter staple. These earrings are great for everyday wear and offer such versatile styling possibilities.

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These earrings feature thin line circular earrings that are not closed in a thicker circular shape. It hugs the earlobes when on and features a hinged closure. It’s the coolest (and most effective) way to simply open the earring to remove it. Speak easy!

The Rose Huggies is the definition of effortless beauty. Available in 18k gold plated brass, the Rose Huggies are all about that refined and elegant look, but much more casual.

Add these hugs as part of a stack and you’re set! The Rose Huggies are all about delicate and fine, and are simply a must-have.

Cool added without obligation

Always wanted that Pinterest cool-girl cartilage piercing, but turned away from your commitment? With gorjana’s Parker earrings, you can show off your sleek, modern style without making any permanent changes.

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The cuff itself features a chain link style with repeated golden links connecting to each other. It’s shaped like a curved circle and all you have to do is slide it over your cartilage and secure it however you want.

With a small size, this cuff is delicate and adorable. Despite its small size, it makes such a big difference when it comes to decoration and looks great with extra earrings and studs.

The shimmer of gold makes your look stand out, and I love positioning the cuff just in the center of the cartilage or even at the very top. The armband is very flexible and allows you to move it around, it’s that simple!

This 18k gold plated cuff is perfect to wear with just about anything and is suitable for any occasion. Whether you choose to dress it up or dress it down, it’s such a cute touch. The Parker Cuff is both sophisticated and simplistic and offers the best of both worlds.

Glow and glamor on your hands

It’s time to step up the ring game – and nothing is more contemporary and classic than the Amara Ring Set. This stunning ring set includes three gold band rings with cubic zirconia detailing, all uniquely cut and set.

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Each of the three rings has a similar style but is different in its own way. All rings feature a rectangular cut cubic zirconia that has been set on a thin band of gold.

One ring has one singular mineral, while the other has three and the other has five. Those that contain multiple minerals have cubic zirconia in slightly different sizes, making it less artificial and more organic. The brilliant mineral clusters are so pretty to behold and have a beautiful crystal quality that rivals that of diamonds.

Besides looking utterly gorgeous with its glistening sparkle, I love how the rings look like growing pieces of crystals! It looks so ethereal, and I’m all for this special arrangement design.

I love wearing these rings on a fancy night out; the shiny stones emit a captivating glow and are sure to be stunning additions to your look. These rings are perfect to wear on any finger and look great on both hands as well.

you are a super star

Inspired by gorjana’s best-selling Super Star collection, this stunning bracelet is all about this otherworldly beauty. Delicate bracelet lined with glittering gold star charms, the Super Star Bracelet is literally a shining star.

Buy the Super Star bracelet here.

This stunning bracelet features a thin and delicate bracelet with gold chain links and gold star charms. The stars are subtle and are all about this delicate look, but also sparkle at the same time. Each star has a brushed texture for an added touch.

The end of the bracelet features a small sliding silicone bead and ends with the classic adjuster with the signature gold circular piece with the gorjana engraving.

I love the sweet charms and how cute it looks. It’s the perfect tool anytime, anywhere.

“This delicate gold bracelet adds a heavenly sparkle to any outfit,” says gorjana, and we totally agree. Whether you’re having a fancy dress party or just a picnic day at the park, this beautiful bracelet is sure to add a touch of charm. (no pun intended!)

How to take care of your gorjana pieces

“All gorjana 18k gold plated pieces are protected with an anti-tarnish barrier.” Gorjana said. To keep your gorjana jewelry in the best possible condition for a longer life, here are the maintenance tips recommended by the brand:

  1. Preserve your jewelry plating by avoiding contact with cleaning products, cosmetics, water and chemicals.
  2. Take off your jewelry before exercising, washing your hands or swimming.
  3. Protect your jewelry by storing your items in a dry place in the gorjana fabric bag included with your purchase.
  4. Clean your jewelry with a dry cotton cloth to restore its shine.
  5. We recommend that you store gorjana sterling silver styles with the provided anti-tarnish strip inside your gorjana cloth bag. All sterling silver products can be identified by locating a stamp with the mark “925” in sterling silver. Anti-tarnish strips will be included for each piece.
  6. Natural gemstones can be fragile. Do not use paper towels to clean your gemstones as they can cause scratches.

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When it comes to fine jewelry, it’s a little tricky. Because they are made with 14k and 18k gold, the metals “will not oxidize or discolor with proper care.” If you want to take care of your fine jewelry, follow gorjana’s advice below:

  1. Fine jewelry can be washed in warm water and mild soap. Be sure to rinse well!
  2. Dry completely with a soft cloth.
  3. Natural gemstones such as sapphires and topazes can be fragile, we recommend avoiding the use of harsh chemicals when wearing your jewelry. Do not use paper towels to clean your gemstones as they can cause scratches.
  4. Protect your beautiful jewelry by storing your items in a dry place in the provided gorjana pink enclosure that was included with your purchase.

To learn more, click here for the full care guide.

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