The hottest Halloween costumes of 2021

October is here, so it’s officially spooky season! With Halloween fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about which Halloween costumes to invest in this year. 2021 has brought a slew of new trends while reviving old ones, so there are plenty of ideas floating around this year about what to wear. Here are some Halloween costume trends that are sure to be a hit this year!

1. Scarlet Witch Wanda Vision

Credit: Giphy / Marvel Studios / Disney+

The release of Marvel Wanda Vision this year has, without a doubt, solidified the Scarlet Witch as one of the franchise’s most beloved superheroes. The popular Disney+ series was a love letter to old sitcoms, traveling to a new decade with each episode, offering plenty of outfits to choose from. Whether you want to walk in the shoes of Wanda Maximoff’s Sokovian fortune teller Halloween costume, strut around in the high heels of her 1950s housewife dress or wear the new and improved Scarlet Witch superhero costume , there is an endless amount of outfits for you to choose from. .

2. Cruella De Vil Cruel

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Emma Stone’s novella Cruel movie – the origin story of the iconic 101 Dalmatians villain – rewrote the character to deepen his fashionable roots. With that, there are tons of possibilities on how to dress up as the revamped villain! The movie, a practical homage to 1970s punk fashion, has endless outfit choices and is guaranteed to make you one of the coolest dressed in the room.

3. Harley Quinn’s The Suicide Squad

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This popular DC villain has taken over every Halloween costume department since she first hit the big screen five years ago. With the release of the last suicide squad movie this summer, the character isn’t going away anytime soon. The film revamped her character in new ways, making her style more camp than ever. So why not get in on the Harley Quinn craze this year?

4. Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U” cheerleader uniform

Credit: Giphy / Olivia Rodrigo / Geffin Records

If there’s one singer who has dominated both the charts and pop culture this year, it’s Olivia Rodrigo. The teenage star achieved huge success with her single ‘Good 4 u’, an early 2000s time capsule reminiscing of the days of Paramore and teenage breakup anxiety. One of her most beloved looks in the video, her donning a blue cheerleader outfit with black leather gloves, is practically her signature look – and sure to bring out all the nostalgia this year. .

5.Bella Swan of Dusk

Credit: Twilight/Summit Entertainment

The rebirth of Dusk has not only made Bella Swan fashionable, but has made virtually everything fashionable again since the 2009 era. The resurgence of Bella Swan-esque fashion has brought back a craze for henley sweaters, earthy tones and jeans small size. With her style and the franchise already in fashion, why not decide to dress up as Bella Swan?

6. A variation of Loki’s Loki

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Like many other movies and TV series on this list, the new Disney+ series Loki offers us endless costume ideas for this year. No matter which Loki you want to dress up as – the original, Sylvie, or even President Loki – when October 31 rolls around, there will undoubtedly be plenty of Loki variations to take to the streets.

7. Dani Ardor from Midsommar

Credit: Giphy / A24

With A24’s psychological horror hitting platforms such as TikTok once again – with people trying to emulate Florence Pugh’s frown, and everyone gushing over Dani Ardor’s floral dress – Midsommar has established itself as one of the most talked about horror films this Halloween season. Dressing up as Dani Ardor in her floral dress is sure to be a trending costume this year.

8. Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Look

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Kim Kardashian on Instagram

Of all the Met Gala looks this year, Kim Kardashian’s was one of the most talked about. The all-black outfit, stretching from head to toe, made her look like a “dementor” as tons of people tweeted online. With online retailers already starting to make Halloween costumes out of them, there’s bound to be a lot of sales this season.

9. A Grisha of shadow and bone

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Shadow and Bone actress Jessie Mei Li via Instagram

Dress Up As Grisha In Netflix’s New YA Fantasy Series shadow and bone is practically the same as dressing up as Harry Potter years ago or Katniss Everdeen during the YA dystopia craze. shadow and bone is the most recent of the YA fantasy adaptations. Whether you choose to dress up as the main character and the Sun Summoner Alina Starkov or one of many magic Grisha throughout the show, you are bound to look stunning in your costume. And if you don’t believe me, check out the Russian-inspired beauty kofta they wear in the show!

10. Black Widow or Yelena Belova from Black Widow

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Black Widow star Florence Pugh via Instagram

Yes, there is one final superhero addition to this list. Marvel’s Black Widow movie was released this summer, and with it, it also brought its heroine Natasha Romanoff back from the dead (well, almost), as well as introduced her sister, Yelena Belova. All you practically need is braided hair, smudged eyeliner and a vest with tons of pockets to easily dress up as a hero this Halloween.

11. A player of squid game

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Squid Game actress HoYeon Jung via Instagram

Since Squid Game – Netflix’s newest K-Drama – released in September, it has gained huge traction and is on its way to becoming the service’s most-watched series. With its release just in time for Halloween, there’s bound to be plenty of people dressed up in the player’s pink guard costume or green tracksuit. With the costumes already easy to put together and the show’s widespread popularity, this idea is bound to be popular this year.

And that’s all! Hopefully you will now be filled with tons of ideas for Halloween costumes this year – the possibilities are limitless!