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Have you ever thought about what you can do with eyeliner? Whether you wear eyeliners or tattoo your waist! Here are 25 great tactics for you…

a- If you want your eyebrows to look thicker and more defined, you can use eyeliner as an eyebrow pencil.

2- Run out of dark eyeshadow? Paint the eyelid with your black, gray or brown pencils and distribute it with a cotton ball.

3- You can use eyeliner to make a temporary tattoo. All you have to do is draw the shape you want! Also, if you don’t like it, you can easily wash it off.

4- Can’t find a pen to take notes? Your eye pencil is perfect for this job!

5- To have cat eyes, just stretch your pencil from the tip of the eye to the temples!

6- If you want to fit in with 60s fashion, you can put a mole on your cheek with your pen!

seven- The eyeliner is also suitable for men! Johnny Depp is the ultimate proof! Also try applying it on your boyfriend’s eyes 🙂

8- You are captivated by your long hair and you don’t have a pin with it… Make a bun by rolling your hair and use your pen as a hairpin by plunging it in the middle of your hair!

9- If you want to have slanted eyes like the Japanese, draw the eyeliner from the middle of your upper and lower lashes to the end of the eye!

ten-You can use eyeliner to color the background while you paint! Hold the pen horizontally, paint the paper then distribute it with your finger!

11th-You can use eyeliner to prepare for school theater performances. A black eyeliner is enough to make a cat mustache and create bruises under the eyes.

12-If you have fair skin, you can soften your facial features by tugging on the brown eyeliner!

13-If your eyes are large, you can make them look smaller by drawing a pencil inside them.

14-If you want to make your eyes bigger, just draw a pencil around the top and bottom!

15-If your eyes are downcast, you can achieve a pretty look by drawing a pencil straight to the bottom of your eyelashes.

16-If you want your eyes to look slanted, you need to draw a pencil from the corner of the eye to the finish line of the eye.

17-Penciling in and out of your eyes will make your look even more expressive.

18-After removing the eyeliner, try diffusing the line with an ear stick. So you can have a hazy air like that of Cansu Dere.

19-If you draw a white pencil on the lower eyelid, you can make your eyes brighter.

20-If your eyes are far apart, you need to draw a pencil on the upper and lower parts from the middle of the eye to the corner of the eye.

21-If your eyes are close to each other, you need to apply a pencil from the middle to the end of the eye, from the lower and upper part.

22-If you want to lengthen your eyebrows, you can lengthen your eyebrow line with a suitable colored eyeliner.

23-If you have colored eyes, you should try using colored eyeliners. Pencils in blue and green tones soften your look.

24- Simply applying a pencil to the upper lashes will make your eyes look more lifted.

25- You can draw any pattern on a solid color t-shirt and temporarily get a new t-shirt.


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