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What should be considered when applying makeup, what should be applied? The answer to all your questions is here.

What blush, how to apply it

powder blush

Suitable for normal, oily and combination skin. It makes its lines clear thanks to its structure. This is a good brush choice to consider when applying blush. For this, you need to choose a medium-sized soft brush. Before applying blush, cleanse your face, apply moisturizer and wait a few minutes. Move your brush over the blush in circular motions. Smile while looking at yourself in the mirror and lighten the color first by touching the brush with small movements on the cheekbones. Then spread the blush in one direction (not back and forth) towards the temples.

cream blush

It is very suitable for normal and dry skin. There are many color options, but these colors are not intense enough to cover the natural color of the skin. Due to its soft structure, it blends in so well with the skin that it looks like a natural skin color. If you moisten your skin before using it, you will allow it to spread better. Apply moisturizer for application, wait 5 minutes. Next, place three dots of blush on your cheeks with your index finger and spread these dots in an up and down motion.

liquid blush

It gives a more matte and natural look compared to other blushes. It is very permanent. Ideal for oily, combination and normal skin. Liquid blush should be applied easily to look good. This is why hydration is so important. It should be applied with care as the skin absorbs it immediately. Many liquid blushes come in a rollon shape for easy application. During application, look at yourself in the mirror with a smile, apply the blush in the center of your cheeks and spread it quickly towards the temples with your finger.

gel blush

It can be preferred for a more lively and fresh look. It can be used not only on the cheeks but also on the lips. For a gel blush to look good, your skin should be soft and smooth. This is why you need to exfoliate the skin of dead cells. If you feel your skin is dry, moisturize it. After five minutes, apply blush. For a soft look, take a small amount of moisturizer on your finger and mix it with a little gel blush and apply it to the center of the cheeks. spread in circular motions towards watercourses.

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