9 Ways to Prioritize Personal Growth and Improve Your Lifestyle

Being productive seems like such a struggle, most of the time. It can be hard to get up, have the motivation to do things, and then make sure you’re doing them right, but there are necessary things we need to do to truly grow. Here are 9 ways to prioritize personal growth, while becoming productive.

1. Create a skincare routine

Feeling cool water on your skin early in the morning will certainly wake you up, but how about having a routine that will actually help you (and your skin) feel better? Creating a skincare routine can help you feel more organized and help you wake up to fresh, clean skin.

2. Clean up your social media

Do you have old photos of you on social media? No problem! But it’s probably been months, if not years, since you last looked at your followers, who you follow, or cleaned up old posts. This will clear the storage space on your phone and make you feel like you created a new account without losing any memories.

3. Clean your room

Having a clean room will motivate you to finish your homework, like that pesky project that’s been put off for weeks. Cleanrooms provide structure and are proven to reduce anxiety and stress. They help create a more organized atmosphere conducive to a relaxing space.

4. Start a bullet journal

It’s never too late in the year to start a bullet journal, which is a great way to track upcoming work, your mood, and keep a to-do list! Bullet journals are an amazing way to stay organized and stay on track without feeling stressed. Having a bullet journal is a way to stay on schedule or ahead of schedule and still have room for things you suddenly need to add.

5. Set limits

At number five, and probably the most important on this list, is setting boundaries. In order to properly prioritize personal growth, you need to set boundaries and focus on yourself. Boundaries help improve your mental health and show others that they can’t rely on you for things like homework answers all the time.

6. Do more volunteer work

Volunteering is a great way to grow mentally, while providing for others in need. Volunteering helps you appreciate what you have while giving you gratitude and respect for others. It makes you appreciate the little things in life that you have.

7. Complete schoolwork on time

Procrastination on schoolwork? It’s not the best way to stay stress-free. Keeping up with schoolwork will create a level of organization while reducing stress because you’re always on time with homework and never have work late.

8. Read a book every week

Reading a book can take you to another world, while giving you the phone detox you need every day. Reading books has also been proven to reduce stress and increase memory. According to a study from the University of Sussex, reading relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to the brain.

9. Don’t use your phone for an hour before bed

Frequent use of technology has been shown to increase stress levels, and you will most likely end up comparing yourself to other people on social media if you use it constantly. Phones also prevent you from doing valuable things, like doing your homework or spending time with your family.

Prioritizing your personal growth is the most important thing you should be doing in 2022, and it’s key to improving your mental and physical health. These nine steps are sure to help you become more organized, improve your mood, and become productive in the months and years to come. Limiting screen time will help improve your mental health and productivity, while the rest will also improve your motivation.