Become the supersonic girl!

If you want to be healthy like “Supergirl” in Smallville, strong like “Claire Bennet” in Hereos and agile like “Catwoman” in Hereos, you have to do a lot of sports, avoid stress and pay attention to your diet!

play sports

If you have thoughts like “I’m not overweight so I don’t need to exercise” or “I’ll start exercising later”, say goodbye to them ASAP! Because those who start the sport late suffer the disadvantages of being inactive for years. In your opinion, what changes in the lives of those who play sports? Here’s what you can gain by exercising…

  • Your physical performance will improve, so you’ll be like a greyhound climbing a hill or a flight of stairs!
  • Your risk of heart disease will decrease and your chances of having a heart attack will decrease in future years.
  • Your maximum oxygen capacity will increase. In this way, both your lungs will be happy and you will have radiant skin thanks to the oxygen-saturated cells.
  • Your risk of high blood pressure will decrease; You will be less likely to have a brain hemorrhage.
  • The amount of blood your heart pumps through the body in one beat will increase. So you will be a red-cheeked girl and your blush cost will decrease 🙂
  • You will get rid of headaches for various reasons; You will have peace of mind.
  • Your heat tolerance will increase. The summer months will be more comfortable for you.
  • Your worries and delusions due to school, love, friendships or family problems will diminish. In short, you will be protected from stress.
  • Your resistance to upper respiratory infections will increase.
  • You will stay away from bad habits such as smoking and alcohol. Because your body, which is saturated with oxygen, will not accept these bad substances.
  • The density of cartilage tissue in the joints will increase. This will reduce your risk of injury and increase your speed of recovery.
  • Your immune system will improve; Your body’s resistance to all kinds of diseases will increase.
  • You will get rid of constipation, but not diarrhea 🙂
  • You will quickly adapt to both cold and hot environments.
  • The risk of osteoporosis, especially in women, will decrease. Even at 50, you can dance like Madonna.
  • Your mental alertness will increase, you won’t sleep in class, and you’ll do better in exams.
  • Bone deterioration due to age will slow down.
  • If you exercise regularly, you will get rid of weight problems.
  • Your creativity will increase, so you will be more successful both in your studies and in your friendships.
  • You will sleep easily and with quality, so you will be very energetic during the day.
  • The strength and density of your bones against fractures will increase.
  • Your level of muscle strength will increase, so you will become a stronger girl.
  • Your mind will always be clear and your risk of developing diseases like Alzheimer’s will decrease in the years to come.
  • More importantly, your self-confidence will increase and you will have a more positive outlook on life.