Puberty, we were so worried about you

If you’re saying, “My boobs are growing, my hair is growing, my hips are getting wider, my nerves are getting worse, what’s happening to me,” here’s a guide to help you move through your teenage years more mindfully. .

Change is good sometimes! For example, changing the decoration of the room, getting a haircut, sipping your coffee in a different place from the café where you always hang out… But sometimes, change is scary, and rightly so; Imagine that you have changed schools, the city in which you live. There are also changes that we experience in our bodies that happen to every young person. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this change is that we have no chance of interfering with it. You can get through this period, called adolescence, with the least damage knowing what is about to happen to you. Don’t forget that, even if it’s scary on one side, it’s very pleasant on the other; that must be what they call growing up 🙂

what’s going on with me

“Where do these protrusions come from?”
The first sign of puberty is breast enlargement. The breasts usually begin to appear at the age of 10-11 years. But this can vary from person to person. For example, some girls may not grow until they are 14 or 15 years old. Breast growth begins with the formation of a small tender bump on the nipples. From the start of growth, it is normal to hear mild pain. Occasionally, one may notice that one breast is larger than the other, and this may last until the breasts take their final shape. As breasts grow, the nipple and the area around it, called the areola, darken over time. Around the age of 19, the breast reaches its final size and shape. Breast size is usually genetic.

look on the bright side
If started early:

If your boobs start showing early, it means you will finish your development sooner. Having to wear a bra before your friends should be a source of pride for you, not embarrassment. Because now you’re growing 🙂 If it’s a problem for you, you can choose loose clothes that make you more comfortable, but in our opinion, it’s not necessary!
If it started late:
Sooner or later, big or small, you too will have breasts! So take advantage of the situation. It’s a privilege to wear a bra later, to wear tight-fitting clothes more comfortably, and to exercise more comfortably 🙂

“Do people have a shedding season?”
With breast enlargement, hair growth begins in the genital area and under the armpits. In about 15% of girls, hair appears before the breasts grow. Hair in the genital area first begins to grow in the area called the labia around the vagina and then gradually spreads. In about three years, the hair takes on a triangular shape, on the other hand, it begins to become thicker and harder. At this time, hair growth begins in the armpit area in the same way. These areas require more careful care after hair growth begins. In particular, hair in the genital area can cause bacteria and as a result, bad smell can occur in the area. Since people don’t have time to shed, you have to regularly clean your armpit and genital hair yourself 🙂 Shaving or waxing, and using antiperspirant deodorants for the armpits will prevent the bad smells.

look on the bright side
If started early:

If your hair is starting to grow earlier than your friends, it may not be as bad as you think. Because you’re almost halfway through the most stressful period of adolescence. If you are ashamed of your hair, you should get rid of it with frequent tweezing, waxing or shaving.
If it started late:
If your hair is falling behind, you know very well that there is nothing to worry about 🙂 It’s perfect not to have to take care of it, especially in the summer 🙂

“I grow, I grow, I swell”
During puberty, there are also changes in the general contours of the body. These are slightly more feminine changes. Your hips and waist may expand, you may gain weight. This development begins on average between 10-14 years and ends around 16-17 years, when the lengthening ends. Girls develop earlier than boys. In middle school, noticeable differences in height and weight can be seen between girls studying in the same class. This situation destroys the self-confidence of many girls and can sometimes make them feel bad. But one thing to know is that not everyone thrives at the same time, and the tallest girl in school in 6th grade may remain at normal standards in 10th grade.