Choose your summer scent

It smells like summer everywhere! So, ready to let yourself be inspired by the sweetness of summer when choosing your perfume?

Hand Ertem

exotic flowers

Romantic scents often include sweet floral essences such as lilac, violet, and lily. Plus, these flowers will make you feel like a fairy as they all carry the romantic breeze of summer! If you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your love life, you should definitely choose exotic flowers.

Fresh and spacious

Are you ready to feel refreshed in summer? Then you may prefer citrus scents, especially bergamot, orange, lemon and tangerine, because they create a feeling of freshness, cleanliness and freshness, and scents that give freshness and freshness, like the scent of the ocean.


If you want to feel seductive during the summer, the perfumes you should choose should be oriental flavors. Especially rose, jasmine, mysterious musk scents and woody scents are ideal for those who want to attract attention like you… It is also worth taking a look at vanilla and sandalwood scents.

restless movement

If you’re restless for the summer and want your energy to never run out, it’s actually not hard to find a scent that matches your style. Just know that the woody, floral and earthy scents will reveal your fun side!

Pay attention to these when using perfume!

* You should always spray your perfume on your clean skin after washing. Because after the bath, the pores of our body open and breathe. Thus, you will realize that the smell is more permanent.
* If you don’t want your clothes to get stained, you need to spray your perfume carefully.
* Don’t even think about covering up the smell of your sweaty body! It makes the smell even worse.
* When spraying your perfume, you should keep the bottle about 20-25cm away from your body.
* If you want your perfume to last longer by giving off a more effective scent, you can spray it behind the ears and on the wrists.
* If you want to be remembered with a special scent, be careful not to change the scent you use frequently.


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