Good news for long hair!

“My hair is like a priest, I can’t take it anymore” ends the moan.

According to research; it takes more than 2 years to grow hair to shoulder level. During this period, the hair was washed at least 300 times and combed an average of 70,000 times. What tactics and effort we put in to keep our hair growing healthy, natural looking and cool during this 2 year “suffering period”, alas!

As you know, long hair is perfect after washing and styling. Unfortunately, this look only lasts one day. If we’re too lazy to wash it again the next day, we either have to do a bun or say “I can handle it like this today, honey”.
High Hair Leave It Long, the new product from High Hair, the styling brand of Wella Professionals, promises fresh hair that does not become heavy even on the 2nd day. High Hair Leave It Long, which contains jojoba and almond oil, is easily applied to the hair thanks to its creamy structure and spreads easily on the hair. Conclusion; natural and fresh hair like the first day 🙂