Of course it doesn’t crack like a kernel, every time a crack occurs (from Allah :)) But when it appears it can terrify us with the image it creates 🙁 In this, precautions should be taken at the very beginning.

What is a crack?

We can treat body fissures as a small scar. Cracks that occur as a result of exposure of the skin to excessive pressure are caused by the deterioration of the skin’s natural structure. These cracks, pink at first, take on a color close to white in the following periods. These spots on the skin do not tan and disappear. It most commonly occurs on the calves, kneecaps, back, and breasts.

How to cope?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to eliminate the cracks formed with current technology. However, certain precautions can be taken to avoid its occurrence. Since they occur more intensely in adolescence, especially during rapid weight gain and loss, we have to be more careful than anyone in this regard. That is why;