hand first aid

Well-groomed hands are as important as glowing skin. Nails with varnish removed, flesh torn off and broken nails do not at all create an image that will suit a young girl. Therefore, our hands require at least as much care and care as our face.

How to do a manicure?

* First, clean the inside of your nails with a nail file so as not to damage your skin, then file your nails.

* Soak your hands for 15 minutes in the lukewarm water you prepared before.

* Push back cuticles in order. Repeat this process with your other hand.

* After drying your hands, apply the nail polish color you want and if you want to color your nails after drying, complete them with nail decorations. Tatataaaam! These beautiful hands are yours!


* If you want to push back the cuticles easily, you can apply cream on your hands as you come out of the water.

* If you file the nail edges vertically, your nails will look longer and more beautiful.

* When applying nail polish, if you use one side of the brush and apply it first to the middle and then to the edges of your nail, you will get a smoother look.

* You can wipe the parts you are carrying by dipping a cotton swab in acetone. So you can easily remove excess parts without dirtying your nails.

Do it yourself

If you want your hands to be soft, mix two teaspoons of honey with the juice of half a lemon and apply it on your hands. You’ll see, you won’t want to hide your cotton hands in your pockets anymore 🙂


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