Enough of this heat!

Summer loves, the sea, the sand, the sun are beautiful, but if you don’t sweat! Well, have you ever thought why we sweat more in hot weather, why our sweat smells bad and what happens if we don’t sweat?

From Memorial Etiler Medical Center, Uz. Dr. We would like to thank Murat Görgülü.

What is sweat?
Sweating is a natural function of our metabolism that develops completely involuntarily. Sweat, on the other hand, is a physiological fluid that is colorless and odorless when secreted, but begins to smell bad when it encounters hot and humid environments such as the armpits.

Why do we sweat?
For the human body to perform physiological processes normally, the body temperature must remain constant at 36.5 degrees. The main reason we sweat is to keep our body temperature constant. Because heat is lost through sweat evaporation. The sweat secreted in a day is 100 cc on average. Under extreme exertion and heat, this figure can reach up to 1.5 liters per hour. The number of sweat glands in our body is around 2-3 million and most of the sweat glands are found in the palms. This is why our hands can be wet most of the time. So what are the things that trigger sweating?