“Stand up!

lowerSitting at the computer for hours, carrying a plush school bag and various puberty complexes threaten our health.

Maybe all we have to do is stand tall to draw the image of a confident, grounded girl, and look healthy and fit at the same time! You know, our mothers don’t say for nothing: “My daughter, stand up straight, don’t walk bent over”. Although we are tired of these words, they are right to a certain extent! Plus, image concerns about us aren’t the only reason our family is so obsessed with this issue! Postural disorders affect our health as well as our appearance. What? We also wondered about this and asked our questions to the specialist in orthopedics and traumatology of Istanbul Surgery Hospital Op. Dr. We asked Deniz Algün.

* Why does our posture deteriorate?

Postural disorders have two main causes. First, structural postural disorders. These disorders, which mainly occur in adolescence, are the S-shaped spine called scurvy and the forward curve of the spine called kyphosis; namely bump. These disorders are usually congenital and cannot be corrected, even if people around say “Stand up straight, straighten that posture”. Because it is a situation related to both bone and muscle structures and diseases of the spine and shoulders. The second concerns postural disorders, which are more frequent, caused by a bad sitting position.

* So the second one is completely about us. What are the causes of these postural disorders?

Sitting in a hunched position in front of the computer for hours, muscle weakness caused by lack of sport, the instinct to hide breasts that starts with breast development in girls, and unconscious bending over to be different from their friends in tall children can cause posture disorders.

* So, for good posture, what should you pay attention to?

A healthy sitting position is one in which the lower back is supported and the back against the chair as much as possible. The hip should also be pressed against the back seat of the chair. This way the person sits as straight as possible.